Shehzada Title Track Lyrics In Hindi & English – Shehzada | शेह्ज़ादा टाइटल ट्रैक लिरिक्स इन हिंदी

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Shehzada Title Track Lyrics Introduction

Looking for Shehzada Title Track Lyrics? The title song of the Bollywood film “Shehzada” is one of the reasons for the film’s popularity among audiences. The lyrical composition “Shehzada” was sung by the legendary Sonu Nigam, with lyrics written by Mayur Puri and music composed by the acclaimed music director Pritam.

Shehzada Title Track Lyrics
Shehzada Title Track Lyrics

The song starts with a relaxing melody that sets the tone for the rest of the song. Pritam’s music nicely matches Sonu Nigam’s voice, which gives an emotional touch to the lyrics. The song’s lyrics are simple but powerful, expressing the emotions of the film’s protagonist, a prince known as “Shehzada.”

The melody becomes more cheerful and frenetic as the song proceeds, and the chorus adds a bright touch to it. The blend of Indian traditional music and modern instruments makes the song unique and sets it apart from other Bollywood songs. The composition is a wonderful blend of melody and rhythm, making it a one-of-a-kind experience for music fans.

The song’s music video includes the movie’s principal actor, who plays the role “Shehzada.” The visuals enhance the lyrics, and the cinematography captures the essence of the emotions represented in the song. The music video also includes peeks of the movie, which adds to the audience’s excitement and anticipation.

The song “Shehzada” was released by the music company T-Series, which is known for producing high-quality music. The label has a large fan base, and the publication of this song has created a lot of talk on social media.

Finally, the title song of “Shehzada” is a lovely composition that is sure to captivate the listener. The combination of Sonu Nigam’s singing and Pritam’s music is a musical pleasure, while Mayur Puri’s lyrics provide an emotional touch to the song. The song is predicted to become a chartbuster due to its distinctive composition and heartfelt execution.

Shehzada Title Track Lyrics Details

SongShehzada Title
MovieShehzada (2023)
SingerSonu Nigam
LyricsMayur Puri
Music LabelT-Series
Shehzada Title Track Lyrics Details

शेह्ज़ादा टाइटल ट्रैक लिरिक्स इन हिंदी

छोटे छोटे ख्वाब लेके
सालों का हिसाब लेके
बनके सबका बंधु  गया

टुकटुकी लगा के देख
दुगडुगी बजा के देख
आना था ना  किंतु  गया

धूल का ये फूल जैसे
भोले का त्रिशूल जैसे
छू ले आसमान देख लो

हो रोशनी में जगमगा के
तुम भी ऐनकें लगा के
आन बान शान देख लो

मैं जो  गया
मैं अब ना जाऊंगा
मैं सबका बन जाऊंगा

मैं बंदा सीधा ना सादा
पर अपना अपनों से ज्यादा
बनूँगा है वादा

शेह्ज़ादा हो शेह्ज़ादा
शेह्ज़ादा शेह्ज़ादा शेह्ज़ादा
मैं हूं हां हां हां
शेह्ज़ादा शेह्ज़ादा शेह्ज़ादा

मैं बंदा सीधा ना सादा
पर अपने अपनो से ज्यादा
बनूँगा है वादा
शेह्ज़ादा शेह्ज़ादा शेह्ज़ादा

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Shehzada Title Track Lyrics In English

Chhote Chhote Khwab Leke
Saalon Ka Hisaab Leke
Banke Sabka Bandhu Aa Gaya

Tuktuki Laga Ke Dekh
Dugdugi Baja Ke Dekh
Aana Tha Na Kintu Aa Gaya

Dhool Ka Yeh Phool Jaise
Bhole Ka Trishool Jaise
Chhoo Le Aasmaan Dekh Lo

Ho Roshni Mein Jagmaga Ke
Tum Bhi Aenakein Laga Ke
Aan Baan Shaan Dekh Lo

Main Jo Aa Gaya
Main Ab Na Jaunga
Main Sabka Ban Jaunga

Main Banda Seedha Na Saadha
Par Apna Apnon Se Zyada
Banunga Hai Vaada

Shehzada Ho Shehzada
Shehzada Shehzada Shehzada
Main Hoon Haan Haan Haan
Shehzada Shehzada Shehzada

Main Banda Seedha Na Saadha
Par Apna Apnon Se Zyada
Banunga Hai Vaada
Shehzada Shehzada Shehzada

Shehzada Title Track Lyrics Song on Youtube

Shehzada Title Track Lyrics Song on Youtube

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