Stormzy – Angel In The Marble Lyrics | I Saw The Angel In The Marble

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I Saw the Angel In The Marble Lyrics is written by Stormzy. This song is from the S4* (2023) album and produced by PRGRSHN. You will find the perfect lyrics of Angel in this article. I know you will enjoy by singing this song along with Music Video Song.

Angel In The Marble Song

Angel In The Marble Song

I Saw The Angel In The Marble Lyrics

Start of the Lyrics

We Still Get The Work In Large Amounts,
There’s Somethin’ Comin’ That I Can’t Announce..
You Know The Food Taste Good,
When You’re Starin’ At A Menu, That You Can’t Pronounce..
This Winter White Truffle Cost Me Half An Ounce..

Homewrecker Flows, It’s Guaranteed To Make Your Partner Bounce,
There’s A Horror Up In Our Accounts..
Why’s Your Money Froze? Runnin’ Os, That’s How We Started Out,
I Saw The Angel In The Marble And I Carved It Out..

Now Look At Me,
Chiseled Like Da Vinci Reappeared In ’93..
I Found It In A Press, And Then I Went And Set It Free,
Now We The Black Beatles, Let It Be..

I From South London Where Them Boys Die By The Hundreds,
No One Taught Us How To Mourn, So We Go Print ’em On Our Jumpers..
Back When Megan Had The Tt, Hood Dreams,
Didn’t Even Know What It Was Called, But It Looked Clean..
Used To Wear The Suede Wallabys ’til My Foot Leaned,
Fifty Inch Telly Courtesy Of My Booth Fiend..

You Can Pay Me In Electronic Devices,
Stormz’ Ain’t Nice, But He’s The Nicest..
Even Back When I Was Sellin’ Miley Cyrus,
Put A ‘preme On All My Prices, Sick Like A Virus..

Ah, Don’t Make Me Do It Like My Stylist,
I Hear Top Boy Talk From A Bunch Of Quarter-finalists..
Real Nigga Livin’ Through A Bitch Nigga Crisis,
Yeah, I Grew Up In The Jungle, On The Grid With Martin Brundle..

My Hairline’s The Only Thing That Keeps A Nigga Humble,
God Knew What He Was Doin’ When He Made Me..
Unforgettable, Just Check The Swag, I’m On My Swae Lee,
I Told Jermaine I Could Be The Kung Fu Kenny To Your Dave Free..
Just Be The Ty Ty To My Jay Z, They Pree, They Pree,
I Get Lizzy And I Stay Flee..
These New Niggas Lit, But They Just Ain’t Me.. Nah

I Skrrt Through It Like I’m Sir Lewis,
You Nerds Had It, But You Nerds Blew It..
So I Just Got To It,
They Take Shots, But I Buck Through It..

I Dodge Through It Like I’m Rod Stewart,
If You Want My Body And You Think I’m Sexy..
The Flow Is Crystal Meth, Let Me Flip It Like I’m Jesse,
I Control It Like I’m Walter White,
Told My Mommy, Know I Treat Her Daughter Right..

She Don’t Have To Rental, Every Sought I Fly,
I Love Her Up And Hold Her Tight..
Mwah, Mwah, Mwah, Give Me Kiss,
Pretty Little Miss, I Tell Her What It Is..
Babe, I Take You Shoppin’ Even Though I Take The Piss..

I’m Only Jokin’, Girl, I’m Silly Like This Kettel On My Wrist,
Watch Dumb, Car Dumb, Cribs Dumb, Soon Done..
If My Money Spoke, To Say Fee-fi-fo-fum,
I Hit Home Runs, No Smoke, No Guns..
No Smoke, Must Be Puns, I’m Still Good In Both Lungs..

This The Calm Before The Storm, I Go Bulgari For My Jawn,
Half A Mill’ On Jackets That I’ve Hardly Ever Worn..
Better Check The Fee Before You Ask Me To Perform,
July 26th, That’s The Day A Star Was Born..

It’s The Arena Packer, Way Back When I Used To Pree Natascha,
Ask Facts, Yeah, I Been A Masher..
They Want A Race But I’m Dina Asher,
And Bring A Whole Leap Of Passer..
The Flow’s From God, But The___

It’s Big Mike, But I’m More Spinelli,
She Got The Every Moment, But I Prefer The Kelly..
I Got The O, But I Prefer The Skelly,
Well Done, Girl, You Hit The Belly..
I Gotta Tone It Down On Graham Norton, All This Swag Can’t Fit On Telly..

I Skrrt Around In My Big Pirellis,
Them Man Are Actors, I Should Give Them Emmys.
The Man Are Washed, Hang Them Out To Dry,
If Man Are Lit, Then What The Fuck Am I?

I Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right, Hell Yeah, Fuckin’ Right,
Heavy Kettle But It’s Somethin’ Light..
I Told Mel, “Do My Button Tight”,
Gotta Look Clean When I’m Gettin’ My Award..

They Wonder How I Shine, That’s The Presence Of The Lord,
They Wanna Know My Scent, Nigga, That’s Tom Ford..
They Wanna Know The Shows And The Places That I’ve Toured,
They Wanna Know, “Stormz’ Don’t You Ever Get Bored..
Rappin’ ’bout Things That You Know We Can’t Afford?”

Ah, It’s Big Mike,
The One To Shed The Light On A Rappers Insecurity..
I Ain’t Like You, I Need Security,
I’m Too Lit And Too Rich..

Gotta Stay Dripped For Continuity,
The Boy’s Too Sick, I Need Immunity..
Them Boys Are Too Slow,
But I’m Boat, Or I’m Shine’..

I Fill The Rap Like A Jerry Can,
I Shoot Like A Steadicam..
I Got Kids, But My Chick Ain’t Have No Belly Scan,
Look At My Father From Many Man, Boy..

End of the Lyrics

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Opinion on Angel In The Marble Lyrics

Angel In The Marble” is a rap song that showcases the artist’s lyrical prowess and self-assured confidence. The lyrics are filled with clever wordplay, cultural references, and vivid imagery. The artist raps about their journey to success, the struggles they’ve faced, and their rise to prominence.

Stormzy – Angel In The Marble Lyrics
Stormzy – Angel In The Marble Lyrics

The opening lines set the tone, hinting at upcoming accomplishments and a mysterious future. The verses touch on various topics, such as material success, resilience, and the artist’s journey from humble beginnings. There are references to popular culture, personal experiences, and nods to other artists.

The artist displays a sense of pride in their roots and upbringing, specifically mentioning South London. They acknowledge the challenges faced by their community and how it has shaped them. The lyrics also reveal a desire to break free from constraints and embrace their identity unapologetically.

Throughout the song, the artist emphasizes their uniqueness and refusal to conform to societal norms. They boast about their achievements and celebrate their success with confidence. The repeated references to being “unforgettable” and “too lit and too rich” highlight their belief in their own greatness.

The lyrics contain a mix of braggadocio and vulnerability. The artist acknowledges the impact of their upbringing on their character, expressing gratitude for their mother’s influence and reflecting on their own journey to self-discovery.

The song showcases the artist’s ability to deliver a powerful flow, incorporating clever rhymes and cultural references that demonstrate their knowledge and wit. The lyrics are steeped in self-assuredness and a strong sense of identity.

Overall, “Angel In The Marble” is an engaging and skillfully crafted rap song that showcases the artist’s talent and unique perspective. It’s a celebration of their success and a testament to their resilience and determination to carve their own path in the music industry.

Angel In The Marble Lyrics Credits

  • Film/Album – S4* (2023)
  • Produced By – PRGRSHN
  • Written By – Stormzy
  • Video Director – Troy Roscoe
  • A&R – Jermaine Agyako & Alec Boateng
  • Vocals – Stormzy
  • Studio Personnel – Joel Peters & Jay Reynolds (UK)
  • Recording Engineer – Joel Peters
  • Mixing Engineer – Jay Reynolds (UK)
  • Mastering Engineer – Jay Reynolds (UK)
  • Lyricist – Stormzy
  • Composer – Stormzy
  • Release Date – August 2, 2023

FAQ on Angel In The Marble Lyrics

Who produced “Angel In The Marble”?

The song was produced by PRGRSHN.

Who were the vocals provided by in “Angel In The Marble”?

The vocals were provided by Stormzy himself.

Who is the artist behind “Angel In The Marble”?

The song is performed by Stormzy, who is also the lyricist and composer of the track.

When was “Angel In The Marble” released?

“Angel In The Marble” was released on August 2, 2023.

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