Letra de “Las Tres Tumbas” – Los Cadetes De Linares Lyrics | Las Tres Tumbas Lyrics English Translation

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Las Tres Tumbas Lyrics is written by Los Cadetes De Linares. This song is from the Tema De La Pelicula Las Tres Tumbas (1979) album and produced by Los Cadetes De Linares. Find the perfect lyrics of Las Tres Tumbas song in English and enjoy by singing along with Music Video Song on Youtube.

Las Tres Tumbas Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Las Tres Tumbas Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Letra de “Las Tres Tumbas” | Las Tres Tumbas Lyrics in Spanish

Start of the Lyrics

Salieron de madrugada
Se oiha el canto de los
Gallos iban hacer 2 jornadas
Al lomo de sus caballos
La fiesta se celebraba en
El rancho del pitayo

Su padre les dio un consejo
Cuando apartir se aprestaban
Cuiden muy bien el peyejo
Por que la vida se acaba
En las palabras del viejo
Los 3 hermanos pensaban

Pedro le dice a Fabian dale
Un trago a Jose Luis que beba
De ese mezcal pa que se
Seinta feliz que ahorita nomas
Al yegar nos vamos a divertir

Cuando arribaron al baile a
Bailar se dirigieron la muerte
Andaba en el aire eyos no la
Presintieron como les dijo su
Padre cuando del rancho salieron

Eran muchos los rivales viejos
Reencores surgieron rondando
Tras los jacales abrieron todos
El fuego asi matan los cobardes
Cuando los acosa el miedo

Un viejito solitario sin esperansa
Ninguna cuida el rancho y tres
Caballos como toda su fortuna
Va al panteon de ves en cuando
A visitar las 3 tumbas

End of the Lyrics

Las Tres Tumbas Lyrics English Translation

Start of the Lyrics

They left at dawn
You can hear the song of the
Roosters were going to do 2 days
On the back of their horses
The festival was celebrated in
The pitayo ranch

His father gave them advice
When they were ready to leave
Take good care of your pet
Because life ends
In the words of the old man
The 3 brothers thought

Pedro tells Fabian come on
A drink for Jose Luis to drink
Of that mezcal so that
Feeling happy right now
When we go we are going to have fun

When they arrived at the dance
Dance headed death
I was walking in the air, they weren’t
They sensed how she told them her
Father when they left the ranch

There were many old rivals
Resentments arose hanging around
After the huts they all opened
Fire kills cowards
When fear harasses them

A lonely old man without hope
None takes care of the ranch and three
Horses like all his fortune
She goes to the pantheon from time to time
To visit the 3 tombs

End of the Lyrics

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Authors Views on Las Tres Tumbas Lyrics

“Las Tres Tumbas” is a poignant song that delves into the narrative of three brothers who set out on a journey, leaving their home and father’s advice behind. The song unfolds with vivid imagery, emotional depth, and themes of family, tradition, and destiny. In this comprehensive analysis, we will explore the meaning of the lyrics, the emotions they convey, and the story they tell.

Verse 1: The Early Departure

The opening lines describe the brothers setting out on their journey in the early morning, symbolizing a new beginning. The crowing of roosters adds a sense of rustic charm, suggesting that their journey is deeply rooted in tradition and rural life. They are embarking on a two-day journey on horseback to reach their destination: the celebration at Rancho del Pitayo.

The mention of “el rancho del pitayo” creates a sense of anticipation, as if this place holds significance or excitement. The journey itself, marked by the act of riding horses, signifies a departure from their daily lives and routine, possibly in pursuit of adventure, celebration, or something greater.

Fatherly Advice: The Essence of Wisdom

The lyrics hint at a moment where the brothers receive valuable advice from their father before leaving. The advice centers around caring for “el peyejo,” which translates to the mane or forelock of a horse. This guidance carries a deeper meaning, as it alludes to the idea of taking care of what’s essential, maintaining traditions, and cherishing family bonds. It suggests that the journey represents more than just a physical trip; it’s a passage into adulthood, carrying the wisdom of their father with them.

Preparations and Reflections

As the brothers set off on their journey, they reflect on their father’s words and carry them with them. The lyrics evoke a sense of unity among the three siblings, as they share a moment of understanding and contemplation. Their contemplative state raises questions about what lies ahead and the potential challenges they might encounter.

Verse 2: A Vibrant Celebration

The lyrics shift to the scene of the celebration they are attending, where dancing is the primary focus. This festive atmosphere contrasts with the reflective and solemn mood of the previous verse. It suggests that life is full of both introspective moments and joyous occasions, and the balance between them is what makes existence rich and meaningful.

The Unseen Presence: Foreshadowing

The most poignant part of the song is when the lyrics allude to “la muerte andaba en el aire” (death was in the air). This foreboding phrase hints at an impending tragedy, one that the brothers are unaware of as they immerse themselves in the festivities. It’s a reminder of the unpredictability of life, where danger and misfortune can strike unexpectedly.

The Old Foes Return: Conflict and Cowardice

The song introduces the notion of “viejos rencores” (old grudges) and conflict, suggesting that past disputes and animosities resurface when the brothers arrive at their destination. The lyrics convey a sense of tension and danger as they describe the opening of gunfire, emphasizing that cowardice often motivates violence.

The Solitary Elder: A Poignant Image

The lyrics introduce a solitary old man, a character who tends to his ranch and cherishes three horses as his sole possessions. This image carries a sense of loneliness and resignation, as the old man visits the graves of the three brothers periodically. It underscores the profound impact of their departure and foreshadows their tragic fate.

Conclusion: A Tragic Tale of Brotherhood and Destiny

In “Las Tres Tumbas,” we witness a tale of brotherhood, tradition, and destiny. The song conveys the importance of family bonds and the weight of ancestral wisdom. It also serves as a reminder that life is unpredictable, and the choices we make can lead us down unforeseen paths. Through vivid storytelling and emotional depth, “Las Tres Tumbas” immerses us in the lives of these three brothers, leaving us with a sense of reflection on the fragility of existence and the enduring power of familial connections.

Las Tres Tumbas Lyrics Credits

  • Album – Tema De La Pelicula Las Tres Tumbas (1979)
  • Produced By – Los Cadetes De Linares
  • Written By – Los Cadetes De Linares
  • Release Date – 1995

FAQ on Las Tres Tumbas Lyrics

Which album does the song “Las Tres Tumbas” belong to?

“Las Tres Tumbas” is a track from the album “Tema De La Pelicula Las Tres Tumbas,” released in 1979.

Who produced the song “Las Tres Tumbas”?

“Las Tres Tumbas” was produced by Los Cadetes De Linares, the renowned Mexican music group.

Who are the songwriters of “Las Tres Tumbas”?

The song “Las Tres Tumbas” was written by Los Cadetes De Linares.

When was the song “Las Tres Tumbas” originally released?

“Las Tres Tumbas” was originally released in 1979.

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