Rich Habits Quotes by Thomas C. Corley

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Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals by Thomas C. Corley

Rich Habits Quotes by Thomas C. Corley As the name of the book suggests, this book tells us about the habits of rich people. What we do every day affects our future, our habits affect our life so the author says that we should improve our daily habit. Good habits give good results. Rich people have some different habits which make them rich. For more information, you must read the book Rich Habits once.
Today in today’s blog I have given the motivational and famous quotes from Rich Habits book, I hope you will like them very much and you will adopt them in your life.

Rich Habits Quotes

“Good Daily Habits Work Week Checklist (Sample Items) I read industry-related material a half-hour today. I ran 30 minutes today. I completed 80% of my to-do list today. I called at least one prospect today. I did not waste time on the Internet today. I said “DO IT NOW” when I did not want to do something today. I stopped myself from saying something sarcastic today. I stopped myself from saying something inappropriate today. I stopped myself from talking today when I realized I was talking too much. I ate no more than 2,000 calories today. I limited myself to two beers today. I left the office after 6 p.m. today. I called one person today, just to say hello. I called someone today to wish him or her a happy birthday.”

“Unsuccessful people have bad habits.”

“Summary of the Rich Habits Promises: I WILL form good daily habits and follow these good daily habits each and every day. I WILL set goals for each day, for each month, for each year and for the long-term; I WILL focus on my goals each and every day. I WILL engage in self-improvement each and every day. I WILL devote part of each and every day in caring for my health. I WILL devote part of each and every day to forming lifelong relationships. I WILL live each and every day in a state of moderation. I WILL accomplish my daily tasks each and every day; I will adopt a “DO IT NOW” mindset. I WILL engage in rich thinking each and every day. I WILL save ten percent of my gross income every paycheck. I WILL control my thoughts and emotions each and every day.”

“To successful people, relationships are like gold. They tend to relationships like
a farmer tends crops, nurturing them every day, remembering names,
birthdays, gifts for newborns, and interacting frequently. Successful people seek
to help their relationships and their business associates, even when there is
nothing in it for them. They are focused on others, rather than on themselves.”

“At the beginning of each month, list monthly goals. These are goals with a
realistic probability of being reached by the end of the month. Break down each
goal into tasks or steps. The monthly goals could be the number of insurance
policies to write that month, or the number of new clients you hope to gain, or a
revenue target for the month. These goals might include a project to be
completed or an article to be written.”

“Successful people foster, grow, and improve their relationships with others
each and every day. They devote significant amounts of time networking.”

Rich Habits Quotes

“Successful people are grateful for all that life has given them. They express
thanks every day, oftentimes before sleep or upon waking in the morning.”

“Successful people do the things that are necessary over the long term in order
for opportunity luck to occur in their lives.”

“A useful technique to assist in keeping long-term goals in sight is the use of a
vision board. A vision board is an actual picture of long-term goals.”

“For successful people, exercise is a routine, like brushing their teeth. They
understand that daily exercise improves their bodies and minds. Routine
exercise improves the immune system and results in fewer sick days.”

“I exercise thirty minutes each day.”

“Successful people are too busy to allow themselves to indulge in being sad or
depressed. They engage in productive activities, which take their minds off their
sadness or depression. They are constantly engaged in projects or self-
improvement activities that promote positive feelings about themselves.”

“I limit my daily recreational Internet use.”

“Successful people engage in the process of self-improvement every day. They
read industry periodicals and technical material specific to their profession or
trade. They become students of their industry, profession, or trade, and keep
current with changes that occur.”

“To live in moderation means to live a balanced life – no extremes. Successful
people avoid excesses, wild emotional swings, addictions, obsessions, binging,
starvation, extravagances, and fanatical behavior. They keep their thoughts and
emotions on a short leash.”

“I will save ten percent of my gross income every paycheck.”

“I complete items on my to-do list every day.”

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