Tera Hua Lyrics In Hindi & English – Bad Boy | तेरा हुआ लिरिक्स इन हिंदी

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Looking for the lyrics of the popular Hindi song “Tera Hua ” in Hindi & English along with its meaning, translation & Video song with lyrics. We provide the full lyrics of “Tera Hua” in both Hindi and English, along with a pronunciation guide to help you sing along. We also explain the meaning of the song’s lyrics and provide a translation to help you understand the song’s message. Whether you’re a fan of Bollywood music or simply looking to expand your knowledge of Hindi, our “ Tera Hua ” lyrics blog post is the perfect resource for you. Check it out now and start enjoying this beautiful song!

  • Tera Hua Lyrics Introduction
  • Tera Hua Song Details
  • Tera Hua Lyrics in Hindi
  • Tera Hua Lyrics in English
  • Tera Hua Song On Youtube
  • FAQ On Tera Hua Lyrics
Tera Hua Lyrics

Tera Hua Lyrics Introduction

Indian film Bad Boy was released in 2018, and its soundtrack featured the heartfelt love ballad Tera Hua. Versatile artists Arijit Singh and Jyotica Tangri sing the tune. Lyrics by Sonia Kapoor Reshammiya, music by Himesh Reshammiya. Zee Music Company is the record label responsible for the song’s production.

Tera Hua’s heartfelt lyrics, emotive singing, and beautiful music make for a very unforgettable listening experience. To put it simply, it’s a love song about the feelings of a newly in love person. Namashi Chakraborty and Amrin Qureshi, the film’s romantic leads, are featured in the song and its accompanying music video, which expertly captures the connection between the two of them.

Tera Hua’s music video features breathtaking shots of Uzbekistan’s landscapes. Jyotica Tangri’s stunning vocals introduce the song and set the mood for its love tune. Vocalist Arijit Singh, who is well-known for his strength, takes over and gives the song a mystical quality. The words describe the feelings of a person in love with their simplicity and sincerity.

Himesh Reshammiya, who has his own distinct sound, wrote the soundtrack for Tera Hua. The song’s melody is so gentle and comforting that it will immediately draw listeners in. The song is made all the more endearing by the use of acoustic guitar, piano, and strings.

In conclusion, Tera Hua is a stunning love song that has the power to break your heart. Soulful vocals from Arijit Singh and Jyotica Tangri, touching lyrics from Sonia Kapoor Reshammiya, and soaring instrumentals from Himesh Reshammiya make this a song that every music fan should hear. The accompanying music video is equally enjoyable to see and does a great job of summing up the song’s mood.

Tera Hua Song Details

SongTera Hua
MovieBad Boy
SingerArijit Singh & Jyotica Tangri
LyricsSonia Kapoor Reshammiya
MusicHimesh Reshammiya
Music LabelZee Music Company
Tera Hua Song Details

तेरा हुआ लिरिक्स इन हिंदी

तेरा हुआ तेरा हुआ
तेरा हुआ तेरा हुआ
तेरा हुआ तेरा हुआ
वजूद अपना मिटाके
तेरा हुआ

मैं जाना कसम से तेरा हुआ
मैं सब कुछ भुलाके तेरा हुआ
मैं खुद को भुलाके तेरा हुआ
तेरा हुआ तेरा हुआ तेरा हुआ

वजूद अपना मिटाके तेरी हुई
मैं जाना कसम से तेरी हुई
मैं सब कुछ भुला के तेरी हुई
मैं खुद को भुला के तेरी हुई
 हुई तेरी हुई तेरी हुई


रास्ते रास्ते मंज़िलें मंज़िलें
हर डगर हर पेहेर
तेरे लिये तेरे लिये
झूम उठे झूम उठे
मेरी दुनियाँ का हर शेहेर

वजूद अपना मिटाके तेरा हुआ
मैं जाना कसम से तेरा हुआ
मैं सब कुछ भुला के तेरा हुआ
मैं खुद को भुला के तेरा हुआ
तेरा हुआ तेरा हुआ तेरा हुआ

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Tera Hua Lyrics In English

Tera Hua Tera Hua
Tera Hua Tera Hua
Tera Hua Tera Hua
Wajood Apna Mitake
Tera Hua

Main Jaana Kasam Se Tera Hua
Main Sab Kuch Bhulake Tera Hua
Main Khud Ko Bhulake Tera Hua
Tera Hua Tera Hua Tera Hua

Wajood Apna Mitake Teri Hui
Main Jaana Kasam Se Teri Hui
Main Sab Kuch Bhula Ke Teri Hui
Main Khud Ko Bhula Ke Teri Hui
Teri Hui Teri Hui Teri Hui


Raaste Raaste Manzilein Manzilein
Har Dagar Har Peher
Tere Liye Tere Liye
Jhoom Uthe Jhoom Uthe
Meri Duniyaan Ka Har Shehar

Wajood Apna Mitake Tera Hua
Main Jaana Kasam Se Tera Hua
Main Sab Kuch Bhula Ke Tera Hua
Main Khud Ko Bhula Ke Tera Hua
Tera Hua Tera Hua Tera Hua

Tera Hua Song On Youtube

Tera Hua Song On Youtube

FAQ On Tera Hua Lyrics

Who are the singers of Tera Hua song?

The song Tera Hua is sung by Arijit Singh and Jyotica Tangri.

Who wrote the lyrics of Tera Hua song?

The lyrics of Tera Hua song are penned by Sonia Kapoor Reshammiya.

Who composed the music for Tera Hua song?

The music for Tera Hua song is composed by Himesh Reshammiya.

Which movie does Tera Hua song belong to?

Tera Hua song belongs to the Bollywood movie Bad Boy, which was released in 2018.

Which music label has produced Tera Hua song?

The music label Zee Music Company has produced Tera Hua song.

What is the genre of Tera Hua song?

Tera Hua song is a romantic ballad.

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