Shiv Aarti Lyrics in Hindi & English | Om Jai Shiv Omkara Lyrics Hindi |ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा

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Looking for Om Jai Shiva Omkara Shiva Arati? Here is a right choice. Shiva Aarti is a Lord Shiva devotional song. It is one of the most popular Aarti songs in Hinduism, and it is played at many Hindu festivals, particularly Mahashivratri.

Shiv Aarti
Shiv Aarti

“Om Jai Shiva Omkara,” which means “Victory to Lord Shiva, the Ultimate Being,” begins the song. The song’s lyrics mention Lord Shiva’s different qualities, such as his blue throat, the crescent moon on his brow, and his trident. The Aarti also honours Lord Shiva’s heavenly characteristics, like as compassion and wisdom, as well as his capacity to bestow boons on his devotees.

Anuradha Paudwal, a well-known Indian playback singer, has beautifully sang the song, infusing it with her sweet voice and affection. Her performance of the song is both calming and inspiring, making it a fan favourite.

T-Series, one of India’s top music labels, is the song’s music label. T-Series has released a number of devotional songs over the years, with their rendition of Om Jai Shiva Omkara being one of their most famous.

The song’s popularity is not confined to India; people from all over the world chant it during their prayers and meditation. The song’s lovely melody and devout lyrics soothe the psyche, making it an ideal tool for spiritual seekers.

Finally, Om Jai Shiva Omkara is a lovely devotional hymn that honours Lord Shiva, one of Hinduism’s most renowned deities. T-Series’ production of Anuradha Paudwal’s rendition of the song is a must-listen for all Lord Shiva enthusiasts. Its timeless tune and upbeat lyrics continue to inspire people all across the world.

Shiva Aarti Details

  • Song Title – Om Jai Shiva Omkara / Shiva Aarti
  • Singer – Anuradha Paudwal
  • Music Label – T-Series

Shiv Aarti in Hindi

ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा,
स्वामी जय शिव ओंकारा।
ब्रह्मा, विष्णु, सदाशिव,
अर्द्धांगी धारा ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा…॥

एकानन चतुरानन
पंचानन राजे ।
हंसासन गरूड़ासन
वृषवाहन साजे ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा…॥

दो भुज चार चतुर्भुज
दसभुज अति सोहे ।
त्रिगुण रूप निरखते
त्रिभुवन जन मोहे ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा…॥

अक्षमाला वनमाला,
मुण्डमाला धारी ।
चंदन मृगमद सोहै,
भाले शशिधारी ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा…॥

श्वेताम्बर पीताम्बर
बाघम्बर अंगे ।
सनकादिक गरुणादिक
भूतादिक संगे ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा…॥

कर के मध्य कमंडल
चक्र त्रिशूलधारी ।
सुखकारी दुखहारी
जगपालन कारी ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा…॥

ब्रह्मा विष्णु सदाशिव
जानत अविवेका ।
प्रणवाक्षर में शोभित
ये तीनों एका ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा…॥

त्रिगुणस्वामी जी की आरति
जो कोइ नर गावे ।
कहत शिवानंद स्वामी
सुख संपति पावे ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा…॥

—– Addition —-
लक्ष्मी व सावित्री
पार्वती संगा ।
पार्वती अर्द्धांगी,
शिवलहरी गंगा ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा…॥

पर्वत सोहैं पार्वती,
शंकर कैलासा ।
भांग धतूर का भोजन,
भस्मी में वासा ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा…॥

जटा में गंग बहत है,
गल मुण्डन माला ।
शेष नाग लिपटावत,
ओढ़त मृगछाला ॥
जय शिव ओंकारा…॥

काशी में विराजे विश्वनाथ,
नंदी ब्रह्मचारी ।
नित उठ दर्शन पावत,
महिमा अति भारी ॥
ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा…॥

ॐ जय शिव ओंकारा,
स्वामी जय शिव ओंकारा।
ब्रह्मा, विष्णु, सदाशिव,
अर्द्धांगी धारा ॥

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Shiv Aarti In English

Om Jai Shiv Omkara Har Jai Shiv OmKara।
Brahma Vishnu Sadashiv Ardhaangi Dhaara॥

Ekanan Chaturanan Panchanan Raajey।
Hansanan Garurasan Vrishvaahan Saajey॥

Do Bhuj Chaar Chaturbhuj Das Bhuj Te Sohey।
Teeno Roop Nirakhta Tribhuvan Jan Mohey॥

Akshmala Banmala Mundmala Dhaari।
Chandan Mrigmad Sohay Bholay Shubhkari॥

Shwetambar Pitambar Baagambar Angey।
Sankadik Brahmadik Bhutadik Sangey॥

Karkey Madhya Kamandal Chakra Trishul Dharta।
Jagkarta Jagbharta Jagsanhaarkarta॥

Brahma Vishnu Sada Shiv Jaanat Aviveka।
Pranvaakshar Madhye Ye Teeno Eka॥

Trigun Shivji Ki Aarti Jo Koi Nar Gaavey।
Kahat Shivanand Swami Manvaanchit Phal Paavey॥

Om Jai Shiv Omkara Har Jai Shiv OmKara।
Brahma Vishnu Sadashiv Ardhaangi Dhaara॥

Shiv Aarti on Youtube

Om Jai Shiv Omkara Lord Shiva Aarti ANURADHA PAUDWAL I Aarti I Full Audio Song I Art Track

FAQ On Shiv Arati

What is Shiv Arati?

Shiv Arati is a Hindu ritual of worship dedicated to Lord Shiva. It involves offering prayers, flowers, and incense to Lord Shiva, accompanied by the chanting of mantras and singing devotional hymns.

When is Shiv Arati performed?

Shiv Arati is usually performed during the evening hours, typically around sunset time, and it can be performed daily or on specific days, such as Mondays or during the month of Shravan.

What are the benefits of performing Shiv Arati?

Performing Shiv Arati is believed to bring several benefits, including spiritual upliftment, purification of the mind, and protection from negative influences. It is also said to bring peace, prosperity, and fulfillment of desires.

What are the main components of Shiv Arati?

The main components of Shiv Arati include offering of flowers, incense, and lamp (diya), recitation of mantras, and singing of devotional hymns.

What are the popular Shiv Arati mantras?

Some popular Shiv Arati mantras include the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, Om Namah Shivaya Mantra, and the Rudra Mantra.

What are the common hymns sung during Shiv Arati?

Some common hymns sung during Shiv Arati include the Shiv Tandav Stotram, Shiv Chalisa, and Lingashtakam.

Can Shiv Arati be performed at home?

Yes, Shiv Arati can be performed at home. However, it is important to follow the proper procedures and guidelines for performing the ritual.

Is there a specific dress code for Shiv Arati?

There is no specific dress code for Shiv Arati, but it is recommended to wear clean and modest clothing.

Can non-Hindus perform Shiv Arati?

Yes, non-Hindus can perform Shiv Arati if they are respectful of the tradition and the deity being worshipped.

Can women perform Shiv Arati?

Yes, women can perform Shiv Arati, and there is no gender discrimination in Hindu worship practices.

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