O Sanam Lyrics in Hindi and English – Lucky Ali

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Looking for the lyrics of the popular Hindi song “O Sanam ” in Hindi & English along with its meaning, translation & Video song with lyrics. We provide the full lyrics of “O Sanam” in both Hindi and English, along with a pronunciation guide to help you sing along. We also explain the meaning of the song’s lyrics and provide a translation to help you understand the song’s message. Whether you’re a fan of Bollywood music or simply looking to expand your knowledge of Hindi, our “ O Sanam ” lyrics blog post is the perfect resource for you. Check it out now and start enjoying this beautiful song!

  • O Sanam Lyrics Introduction
  • O Sanam Song Details
  • O Sanam Lyrics in Hindi
  • O Sanam Lyrics in English
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O Sanam Lyrics Introduction

India’s most well-known singer-songwriter, Lucky Ali, has a powerful, distinctive voice and produces music with a lot of heart. His song “O Sanam” is one of his most famous and has stood the test of time, captivating listeners of all ages. One of the most memorable songs from his 1996 debut album “Sunoh,” this tune has stood the test of time.

o sanam lyrics O Sanam Lyrics – Lucky Ali
o sanam lyrics O Sanam Lyrics – Lucky Ali

Lucky Ali’s debut album, “Sunoh,” was an immediate success among India’s music fans. The Sony Music Entertainment-released album had a fusion of styles, including pop, rock, and folk. Out of the album’s total of eight songs, “O Sanam” was a big hit.

Lucky Ali wrote and sang the song “O Sanam,” while Syed Aslam Noor wrote the song’s lyrics. The song is typical of Lucky Ali, who fuses Western and Indian musical styles to create a sound that is both distinctive and universally appealing. There is a hypnotic flute solo in the middle of the song, which is accompanied by acoustic guitar, percussion, and bass.

Poetry and romance fill the song’s words, which are brought to life by Lucky Ali’s passionate singing. This song expresses the anguish of being apart from and missing a loved one. The lyrics “O Sanam, teri yaadon ki kasam” (Oh, my love, I swear by your memories) have become a recognisable part of the song’s chorus around the world.

The music video for “O Sanam” was a hit on Indian music networks. Lucky Ali performs in front of beautiful scenery in a variety of settings in this music video.

Overall, “O Sanam” is a timeless tune that has maintained its popularity over the years. This song is a must-listen for music enthusiasts because to Lucky Ali’s soulful vocals and the song’s hypnotic tune and lyrics. As a result of this song’s inclusion on the album “Sunoh,” Lucky Ali became one of the most popular musicians in India.

O Sanam Song Details

  • Song Title – O Sanam
  • Album – Sunoh
  • Music – Lucky Ali
  • Singer – Lucky Ali
  • Lyricist – Syed Aslam Noor
  • Music Label – Sony Music Entertainment
O Sanam Song Lyrics in Hindi
O Sanam Song Lyrics in Hindi- 1

O Sanam Song Lyrics in Hindi

शाम सवेरे तेरी यादें आती हैं
आके दिल को मेरे यूँ तड़पाती हैं
ओ सनम मोहब्बत की कसम

मिलके बिछड़ना तो दस्तूर हो गया
यादों में तेरी मैं जो दूर हो गया
ओ सनम तेरी यादों की कसम

समझे ज़माना के दिल है खिलौना
जाना है अब क्या है दिल का लगाना
नज़रों से ना यूँ हमको गिराना
मर भी गए तो भूल न जाना

आँखों में बसी हो पर दूर हो कहीं
दिल के करीब हो ये मुझको है यकीं
ओ सनम तेरे प्यार की कसम

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O Sanam Song Lyrics in English

Shaam savere teri yaadein aati hain
Aake dil ko mere yun tadpati hain
O sanam mohabbat ki kasam

Milke bichhadna to dastoor ho gaya
Yaadon mein teri majboor ho gaya
O sanam inn yaadon ki kasam

Samjhe zamana ke dil hai khilauna
Jaana hain ab kya hain dil ka lagana
Nazro se ab na humko girana
Mar bhi gaye to bhul na jaana

Aankhon mein basi ho par door ho kahin
Dil ke karib ho yeh mujhko hai yaki
O sanam tere pyar ki kasam

O Sanam Lyrics in Hindi and English
O Sanam Lyrics in Hindi and English

O Sanam Video Song On Youtube

O Sanam Video Song On Youtube

FAQ On O Sanam Lyrics

Who composed and wrote the song “O Sanam”?

The song “O Sanam” was composed and sung by Lucky Ali, with lyrics by Syed Aslam Noor.

Which album does “O Sanam” belong to?

“O Sanam” is part of Lucky Ali’s debut album “Sunoh,” released in 1996.

What is the meaning of the phrase “O Sanam, teri yaadon ki kasam”?

The phrase “O Sanam, teri yaadon ki kasam” means “Oh, my love, I swear by your memories.”

What genre of music is “O Sanam”?

“O Sanam” is a blend of various genres, including pop, rock, and folk, with Western and Indian musical elements.

Who released the album “Sunoh”?

The album “Sunoh” was released by Sony Music Entertainment.

Who directed the music video for “O Sanam”?

The music video for “O Sanam” was directed by award-winning filmmaker Saeed Akhtar Mirza.

Is “O Sanam” still popular today?

Yes, “O Sanam” remains a popular song even today and continues to be a favorite among music lovers. It is considered a timeless classic in the Indian music industry.

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