एक तू ही है लिरिक्स | Ek Tu Hi Hai Lyrics – Zahrah S Khan | Stebin Ben

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Ek Tu Hi Hai Lyrics –”Discover the heartfelt lyrics of ‘Ek Tu Hi Hai,’ a soulful song beautifully sung by Zahrah S Khan and Stebin Ben. Immerse yourself in the captivating music composed by Tanishk Bagchi, as you experience the enchanting melodies that will tug at your heartstrings. Released under the renowned music label T-Series, this musical masterpiece is bound to resonate with your emotions and leave a lasting impression.”

Ek Tu Hi Hai Lyrics Video Song On Youtube

Ek Tu Hi Hai Lyrics Video Song On Youtube

Ek Tu Hi Hai Lyrics Details

SongEk Tu Hi Hai
SingerZahrah S Khan, Stebin Ben
LyricsTanishk Bagchi
MusicTanishk Bagchi
Music LabelT-Series
Ek Tu Hi Hai Lyrics Details

Ek Tu Hi Hai Lyrics In Hindi

गाना शुरू

एक तू ही तो है बस यारा
जान से भी प्यारा तू लगदा
तू लेले मेरा जग सारा
जग से भी प्यारा तू लगदा

ना करना जाऊं मैं करदियाँ
तेरे लै जग से लड़ गयीयाँ
तेरे बिन जी नहीं सकदी मैं
अकेले रेह नहीं सकदी मैं
किसी से केह नहीं सकदी मैं
तो के तू है मेरा

दिल लिक ही तो है मेरे यारा
दिल से भी प्यारा तू लगदा
तू लेले मेरा जग सारा
जग से भी प्यारा तू लगदा


मुझे अपना बनालो इतना
के मैं नाम मेरा भूल जाऊं
मेरी रूह भी रहे ना मुझमें
तेरे जिस्म में ही घूल जाऊं

तेरे बिन सुनी ये बहियाँ
तु लेजा संग तेरे सईयाँ
रे दिन भर रो नहीं सकदी मैं
रात को सो नहीं सकदी मैं
अकेले हो नहीं सकदी मैं
जो तू ना हो मेरा

एक रब ही तो है मेरे यारा
रब जैसा प्यारा तू लगदा
तू लेले मेरा जग सारा
जग से भी प्यारा तू लगदा

गीत अंत

Ek Tu Hi Hai Lyrics In English

Start Of The Lyrics

Ek Tu Hi To Hai Bas Yaara
Jaan Se Bhi Pyaara Tu Lagda
Tu Lele Mera Jag Saara
Jag Se Bhi Pyaara Tu Lagda

Na Karna Jaun Main Kardiyan
Tere Lai Jag Se Lag Gayiyan
Tere Bin Ji Nahin Sakdi Main
Akele Reh Nahin Sakdi Main
Kisi Se Keh Nahin Sakdi Main
To Ke Tu Hai Mera

Dil Lik Hi To Hai Mere Yaara
Dil Se Bhi Pyaara Tu Lagda
Tu Lele Mera Jag Sara
Jag Se Bhi Pyara Tu Lagda


Mujhe Apna Banalo Itna
Ke Main Naam Mera Bhool Jaaun
Meri Rooh Bhi Rahe Na Mujhmein
Tere Jism Mein Hi Ghul Jaaun

Tere Bin Suni Ye Bahiyan
Tu Leja Sang Tere Saiyan
Re Din Bhar Ro Nahin Sakdi Main
Raat Ko So Nahin Sakdi Main
Akele Ho Nahin Sakdi Main
Jo Tu Na Ho Mera

Ek Rab Hi To Hai Mere Yara
Rab Jaisa Pyara Tu Lagda
Tu Lele Mera Jag Sara
Jag Se Bhi Pyara Tu Lagda

End The Lyrics


The lyrics of the song “Ek Tu Hi To Hai Bas Yaara” express a deep affection and attachment towards a significant other. The singer sees their partner as the most precious and beloved person in their life, even more than their own self. They are willing to give up everything for their partner and view them as their entire world.

The lyrics convey a sense of dependence and longing for the partner’s presence. The singer states that they cannot live without their partner and find it difficult to be alone. They feel incomplete and unable to express their feelings to anyone else. The partner is seen as the source of their happiness and the one who completes them.

The song also emphasizes the desire for a strong and unbreakable connection with the partner. The singer wants to be so deeply intertwined with their partner that their own identity becomes secondary. They long to be fully absorbed in their partner’s love and presence, to the point where they become one.

Overall, the lyrics of “Ek Tu Hi To Hai Bas Yaara” reflect a passionate and intense love for the partner, highlighting their significance and the yearning for a profound bond.

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