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England Lyrics is written by Ed Sheeran & Aaron Dessner. This song is from the Autumn Variations (2023) album and produced by Aaron Dessner. Find the perfect lyrics of England song in English and enjoy by singing along with Music Video Song on Youtube.

England Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

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England Lyrics

Start of the Lyrics

It is opening day and a brand new start
The stones have been cleared around the fisherman’s hut
And the air bites, then leaves almost invisible cuts on the skin
A lighthouse retired, but a new one was hired
About twenty foot taller, painted in black and white
Twenty million steps with a computer inside instead of him

Only one road sign
Telling cars to slow down
And a long drop in the ocean
Beware of the rip tide
Broken glass and train lines
It’s a new day, and this is England

Next to the pub with the flag that’s working flexible hours
There’s a mismatch of carriages, soil in a boat for some flowers
Fairy lights on a building that’s supplying us power from the sea
Electricity lines flow like veins to the town
In between there is nothing but grass and pebbles on the ground
Do not enter the wild here if you want to be found for the free

View the flame of sunrise
Cut in half by the sky
And the empty of the desert
Team of birds that swerve by
And then land on the wires
It’s a new day, and this is England

When it’s time to escape from the heavy of this
There is nothing like washing away
I find this country of mine gets a bad reputation
Of being cold and grey
But on the coast of the south, to the east followed ’round
I find serenity I’ve never felt
There’s a peace and a quiet in this island of ours
That can’t be mirrored by anywhere else

Homes protruding from stones with their wood-coloured black
Scattered cars in a line, steam rising out the shack
One door at the front and then just glass at the back for the view

And the blue is so bright
You need shades for your eyes
And a cable to pull over
Take a walk and feel like
Everything will be fine
It’s a new day, and this is England

End of the Lyrics

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England Lyrics

Opinion on England Lyrics

“England” by Ed Sheeran is a song that beautifully captures the essence and spirit of the English countryside, specifically the coastal regions. The lyrics are a vivid portrayal of the serene and picturesque landscapes of England, as well as a reflection on the artist’s love and appreciation for his homeland.

In the opening lines, the song sets the scene on a brand new day, symbolizing a fresh start and new beginnings. The mention of the “fisherman’s hut” and the biting air paints a vivid picture of a coastal village waking up to a crisp morning. The reference to a retired lighthouse being replaced by a taller one with modern technology reflects the ever-evolving nature of the world.

The lyrics emphasize the simplicity and charm of the English countryside, where there is only one road sign, and cars are advised to slow down. The “long drop in the ocean” is a metaphor for the vastness and depth of the sea that surrounds England. The mention of “broken glass and train lines” hints at the remnants of a bygone era, adding to the nostalgia of the song.

Throughout the song, Ed Sheeran captures the beauty of the English coastline, describing the “flame of sunrise” and the birds that gracefully soar through the sky. The imagery of a tranquil coastal town with fairy lights and a power supply from the sea evokes a sense of peace and harmony with nature.

The song also addresses the misconceptions about England, particularly its weather. While England is often associated with gloomy and cold weather, the lyrics suggest that there is much more to the country. The south coast, in particular, is portrayed as a place of serenity and beauty that offers a sense of tranquility unmatched by other locations.

In the final verses, Ed Sheeran highlights the unique characteristics of English coastal towns. The homes protruding from stones, scattered cars, and the view of the sea all contribute to the distinctive charm of these places. The song conveys a sense of contentment and belonging, with the blue skies and stunning views providing solace and a feeling of reassurance.

In essence, “England” by Ed Sheeran is a heartfelt tribute to the natural beauty and cultural richness of England’s coastal regions. The song celebrates the simplicity, tranquility, and timeless appeal of this part of the world, reminding us of the profound connection between people and the places they call home.

England Lyrics Credits

AlbumAutumn Variations (2023)
Produced ByAaron Dessner
Written ByEd Sheeran & Aaron Dessner
DistributorGingerbread Man Records
PublisherGingerbread Man Records & Sony Music UK
Copyright ©Gingerbread Man Records & Ed Sheeran
Phonographic Copyright ℗Gingerbread Man Records & Ed Sheeran
Mastering EngineerRandy Merrill
Mixing EngineerJonathan Low
Prophet SynthesizerJames McAlister
Omnichord SynthesizerJames McAlister
TambourineJames Krivchenia
ShakerJames Krivchenia
DrumsJ.T. Bates
TromboneBen Lanz & Reggie Pace
Bass ArrangerBen Lanz
Recording EngineerBella Blasko & James McAlister
EngineerBella Blasko & Jonathan Low
Juno SynthAaron Dessner
Drum ProgrammingAaron Dessner
SynthesizerAaron Dessner & James McAlister
MellotronAaron Dessner
GuitarAaron Dessner, James McAlister & Josh Kaufman
Copyright ©Ed Sheeran & Gingerbread Man Records
LabelGingerbread Man Records
Release DateSeptember 29, 2023
England Lyrics Credits

FAQ on England Lyrics

Which album does the song “England” belong to?

“England” is a track from the album “Autumn Variations,” which was released in 2023.

Who produced the song “England”?

“England” was produced by Aaron Dessner.

Who are the songwriters of “England”?

The song “England” was written by Ed Sheeran and Aaron Dessner.

When was the song “England” released?

“England” was released on September 29, 2023.

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