Drake – Amen Lyrics

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Amen Lyrics is written by Drake & Teezo Touchdown. This song is from the For All The Dogs (2023) album and produced by Sango, Budgie Beats & Teezo Touchdown. Find the perfect lyrics of Amen song in English and enjoy by singing along with Music Video Song on Youtube.

Amen Lyrics Music Video Song

Amen Lyrics Music Video Song

Amen Lyrics

Start of the Lyrics

[Intro: Teezo Touchdown]
Father God
I come to you to say thank you
That’s all, I won’t ask for anything, I just wanna say thank you, Lord
Thank you

[Chorus: Teezo Touchdown]
Prayin’, prayin’ (Thank you)
Pray again, pray again (Thank you, Father)
Prayin’ (Thank you, Lord)
Prayin’ ’til you find a man
That’s gon’ treat you
That’s gon’ treat you like I can (Amen, amen)
That’s gon’ please you
That’s gon’ please you like I can (Church)

[Verse: Drake, Teezo Touchdown]
Church like a priest, Turks for the week
Purse for yourself, purse for your niece
Know you don’t do Percs, baby, but (Take your time)
That’s the perks of datin’ me
Red Merces with the red seats
Buy red wig, part the Red Sea
With a neat freak, gettin’ mess—
God, forgive me
Father, I’ve sinned
Sent more than your father ever sent
Spent more than your baby father did
Ayy, you my baby, so I gotta put you in the crib
Same neighborhood where Ashton Kutcher live
I’m just doin’ what that punk should have did (Thank you Lord)
She prayin’ for me while I’m on the road
Prayin’ for me while I hold her close
Prayin’ that there’s not no other girl
I’m prayin’ that these girls’ll never know
She prayin’ asking God for a sign
I just went and paid her car note

[Interlude: Teezo Touchdown]
Turn to your neighbor
Say “Neighbor”

[Chorus: Teezo Touchdown]
Prayin’, prayin’ (Neighbor)
Pray again, pray again (Everybody, say it)
Prayin’ ’til you find a man
That’s gon’ treat you
That’s gon’ treat you like I can
That’s gon’ please you
That’s gon’ please you like I can

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End of the Lyrics

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Amen Lyrics

Opinion on Amen Lyrics


In the world of music, few genres have the power to evoke emotions and resonate with the human soul like gospel. Its spiritual essence has the ability to transcend boundaries, allowing artists to create music that not only entertains but also touches the depths of our hearts and beliefs. “Amen Lyrics,” the collaborative work of Teezo Touchdown and Drake, is a testament to the fusion of music and spirituality. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the lyrics of “Amen” to unravel its meaning and explore how this song speaks to the core of human experiences and emotions.

Finding Solace in Prayer

The song begins with Teezo Touchdown’s humble acknowledgment of a higher power. In the opening lines, “Father God, I come to you to say thank you,” we witness a moment of gratitude and reflection. This sentiment is a universal one—taking a moment to express thanks for the blessings in our lives, irrespective of religious or spiritual beliefs.

The Power of Prayer

“Prayin’, prayin’, pray again” forms the chorus of the song, and it serves as a powerful reminder of the role prayer plays in our lives. Prayer, in various forms, is an integral part of many cultures and religions. It can be a source of comfort, strength, and guidance during times of struggle or uncertainty. Teezo Touchdown’s repetition of the word “prayin'” underscores the importance of this act and the persistence required in seeking answers and solace.

The Search for Love and Acceptance

The chorus continues with the lines “Prayin’ ’til you find a man / That’s gon’ treat you like I can / That’s gon’ please you like I can.” These lines delve into the realm of love and human connections. In this context, prayer becomes a means of seeking a partner who values and cherishes you, as well as someone who can fulfill your emotional and physical needs.

Seeking Forgiveness and Redemption

Drake’s verse in the song introduces themes of guilt and redemption. He mentions that he has sinned and spent more than the child’s father ever did. The act of sinning and seeking forgiveness is another universally relatable concept. Many people turn to their faith or spirituality to seek redemption and absolution for their wrongdoings. Drake’s confession in this verse reflects the human need to acknowledge one’s flaws and seek reconciliation.

Unwavering Faith in Love

Throughout the song, there’s a persistent theme of faith in love and the desire to be with someone special. Drake expresses his unwavering commitment to his partner, referencing buying a red wig to “part the Red Sea” and providing for her. This portrayal of love as a powerful force that can overcome obstacles and part seas draws parallels to biblical stories, where faith and devotion led to miraculous outcomes.

Unity and Community

The song concludes with an interlude where Teezo Touchdown encourages the listener to turn to their neighbor and say “Neighbor.” This brief moment captures the essence of community and unity often found in religious gatherings. It’s a reminder that, in times of reflection and prayer, we often come together as a community, seeking strength and connection with those around us.


“Amen Lyrics” by Teezo Touchdown and Drake is more than just a song—it’s a spiritual journey that explores themes of gratitude, prayer, love, redemption, and unity. Its lyrics resonate with people from all walks of life, regardless of their religious or spiritual backgrounds, because they tap into the core of the human experience. Through music, Teezo Touchdown and Drake remind us of the power of faith, prayer, and love in our lives, offering a moment of reflection and connection in a world that sometimes feels disconnected.

Amen Lyrics Credits

AlbumFor All The Dogs (2023)
FeaturingTeezo Touchdown
Produced BySango, Budgie Beats & Teezo Touchdown
Written ByDrake & Teezo Touchdown
Assistant Mixing EngineerOUPSiNG
Mixing EngineerNoel Cadastre & 40
Mastering EngineerChris Athens & Dave Huffman
Studio PersonnelOUPSiNG, Dave Huffman, Chris Athens, 40 & Noel Cadastre
LabelOVO Sound & Republic Records
DistributorUniversal Music Group
Phonographic Copyright (℗)OVO Sound, Republic Records & Universal Music Group
Copyright ©OVO Sound, Universal Music Group & Republic Records
Release DateOctober 6, 2023
Amen Lyrics Credits

FAQ on Amen Lyrics

Which album does the song “Amen” belong to?

“Amen” is a track from the album “For All The Dogs,” which was released in 2023.

Who produced the song “Amen”?

“Amen” was produced by a collaborative team, including Sango, Budgie Beats, and Teezo Touchdown.

Who are the songwriters of “Amen”?

The song “Amen” was written by Drake and Teezo Touchdown.

When was the song “Amen” released?

“Amen” was released on October 6, 2023.

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