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Discover the captivating tale woven in the melodious lyrics of “Kahaaniyaan” by Yashraj Mukhate. Let the enchanting vocals, penned by Shivansh Jindal, and the soulful music composed by Anshuman Sharma, transport you into a world of emotions. Released under the renowned music label Salim Sulaiman, this song promises to immerse you in a mesmerizing narrative that will leave a lasting impression.

Kahaaniyaan Lyrics Video Song On Youtube

Kahaaniyaan Lyrics Video Song On Youtube

Kahaaniyaan Lyrics Details

SingerYashraj Mukhate
LyricsShivansh Jindal
MusicAnshuman Sharma
Music LabelSalim Sulaiman
Kahaaniyaan Lyrics Details

Kahaaniyaan Lyrics In Hindi

गाना शुरू

ये कहाँ मैं फस गया हूँ
आज उलझे सवालों में
वो कहाँ है जिस जगा
सारे सवालों के जवाब हैं
सवालों के जवाब हैं

भागूँ मैं दौडूँ मैं
पोहचुँ कहीं नहीं
कैसी दिक्कत है ये
इस मुश्किल का कोई हल नहीं

हूँ मैं जहाँ अभी
बनती मेरी नहीं
जाना ऐसी जगह
जहाँ मेरे जैसे हों सभी

हे कहानियाँ नई मैं ढूंढ़ता
अपनी ज़िन्दगी को बदल रहा
मैं चल पड़ा लेके ये कारवां


अब जो मैं हूँ आ गया
सुकून ही सुकून है मुझ में ही

मैं हूँ थोड़ा सर्फ़िरा
कुछ कर गुजरने
की मैं चाहत नहीं
अब जो हूँ मंजिल पर
सब हासिल कर जाऊं

जो था सोचा मैंने
उससे भी जादा कर पाऊं
सोचूं खुद में मैं ये
खुश था मैं क्यूँ नहीं
सीधे रास्तों पे चलना
थी मेरी आदत नहीं हैं

हे कहानियाँ नई मैं ढूंढ़ता
अपनी ज़िन्दगी को बदल रहा
मैं चल पड़ा लेके ये कारवां

गीत अंत

Kahaaniyaan Lyrics In English

Start Of The Lyrics

Ye Kahan Main Fas Gaya Hoon
Aaj Uljhe Sawalon Mein
Wo Kahan Hai Jis Jaga
Sare Sawalon Ke Jawab Hain
Sawalon Ke Jawab Hain

Bhagun Main Daudun Main
Pohchun Kahin Nahin
Kaisi Dikkat Hai Ye
Is Mushkil Ka Koi Hal Nahin

Hoon Main Jahan Abhi
Banti Meri Nahin
Jana Aisi Jagah
Jahan Mere Jaise Hon Sabhi

He Kahaaniyaan Nai Main Dhundhata
Apni Zindagi Ko Badal Raha
Main Chal Pada Leke Ye Kaarwan


Ab Jo Main Hoon Aa Gaya
Sukun Hi Sukun Hai Mujh Mein Hi

Main Hoon Thoda Sarfira
Kuch Kar Gujarne
Ki Main Chahat Nahin
Ab Jo Hoon Manzil Par
Sab Hasil Kar Jaaun

Jo Tha Socha Maine
Usase Bhi Jada Kar Paun
Sochun Khud Mein Main Ye
Khush Tha Main Kyun Nahin
Seedhe Raaston Pe Chalna
Thi Meri Aadat Nahin Hain

He Kahaaniyaan Nai Main Dhundhata
Apni Zindagi Ko Badal Raha
Main Chal Pada Leke Ye Kaarwan

End Of Lyrics

Opinion on Kahaaniyaan Lyrics

These lyrics express a sense of introspection, confusion, and a desire for change and self-discovery.

The opening lines reflect a feeling of being lost and entangled in unanswered questions. The speaker wonders where they are and where they can find answers to all their inquiries. The repetition of “Sawalon ke jawab hain” emphasizes the search for clarity and resolution.

The next lines convey a sense of restlessness and frustration. The speaker feels trapped, unable to move forward or find a solution to the difficulties they face. They question the nature of their problems and feel overwhelmed, stating that there seems to be no solution or way out.

The following lines suggest a sense of displacement. The speaker feels that they don’t belong where they currently are and longs to find a place where they can connect with others who are similar to them. The repetition of “Jahan mere jaise hon sabhi” expresses the desire for a community or environment where they can truly fit in.

The lyrics continue with the speaker seeking new stories and adventures to change their life. They embark on a journey, symbolized by the “kaarwan” (caravan), indicating a desire for transformation and a break from the ordinary.

The bridge of the song emphasizes a newfound sense of peace and tranquility within the speaker. They feel a deep contentment within themselves, described as “sukun hi sukon hai mujh mein hi sukoon.” This suggests that the speaker has found solace and harmony within their own being.

The lyrics further highlight the speaker’s slightly rebellious nature and the willingness to go beyond societal expectations. They express a desire to accomplish and experience more, surpassing their initial aspirations. The line “Jo tha socha maine, usase bhi jada kar paun” indicates a determination to exceed their own expectations.

The lyrics conclude with the speaker reflecting on their own self-doubt and hesitation. They realize that they were happy all along but didn’t recognize it. The speaker acknowledges that they were not accustomed to taking straightforward paths and finding happiness, which led to their confusion.

Overall, these lyrics encapsulate a journey of self-discovery, the search for answers, and a longing for change and contentment. The song explores the complexities of life, the struggles of finding one’s place, and the realization that happiness can be found within oneself.

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