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Jaan Nasheen Lyrics is written by Ajay K Garg. Singer of this song are Mohammed Irfan & Sanhita Majumder. Music Director of this song is Mukhtar Sahota . This song is from the Vash album/Movie. Find the perfect lyrics of Jaan Nasheen song in English & Hindi and enjoy by singing along with Music Video Song on Youtube.

Jaan Nasheen Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Jaan Nasheen Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Jaan Nasheen Lyrics In Hindi

गाना शुरू

लम्हा लम्हा आज पी लूँ
तेरे होठों की नमी
साँसों से अब सांसें बोले
गुफ्तगु हो जिस्मों की

के शबको हो नाज़ ऐसे हो आज
अपनी मोहोब्बत के पल आतिशी

जान नशीं जान नशीं
जान नशीं जान नशीं
जान नशीं जान नशीं
जान नशीं जान नशीं


मुझपे अंगारों की
 कर बारिशें
आज सब जन्मों की
प्यास जाती रहे

हम्म अपने आघोष में
इस तरह लूँ तुझे
आज एक पल भी ना
होश बाकी रहे

के दोनों में यार ऐसे हो प्यार
जैसे सेहर ना हो इस रात की

जान नशीं जान नशीं
जान नशीं जान नशीं
जान नशीं जान नशीं
जान नशीं जान नशीं


बेपनाह प्यार का
इक समन्दर लिए
कब से बेचैन थी
मेरी ये धड़कने

हो अंग अंग से तेरे
मैं बरसने लगूँ
इस कदर तू मुझे
तुझ में मिल जाने दे

वो कबसे थे दूर दोनों बेनूर
हो दर बदर आज ये बेबसी

जान नशीं जान नशीं
जान नशीं जान नशीं
जान नशीं जान नशीं
जान नशीं जान नशीं

गीत अंत

Jaan Nasheen Lyrics In English

Start of the Lyrics

Lamha Lamha Aaj Pee Loon
Tere Hothon Ki Nami
Saanson Se Ab Saansein Bole
Guftagu Ho Jismo Ki

Ke Shabko Ho Naaz Aise Ho Aaj
Apni Mohobbat Ke Pal Aatishi

Jaan Nasheen Jaan Nasheen
Jaan Nasheen Jaan Nasheen
Jaan Nasheen Jaan Nasheen
Jaan Nasheen Jaan Nasheen


Mujhpe Angaron Ki
Aisi Kar Baarishen
Aaj Sab Janmo Ki
Pyaas Jaati Rahe

Hmm Apne Aaghosh Mein
Iss Tarah Loon Tujhe
Aaj Ek Pal Bhi Na
Hosh Baaki Rahe

Ke Dono Mein Yaar Aise Ho Pyaar
Jaise Seher Na Ho Is Raat Ki

Jaan Nasheen Jaan Nasheen
Jaan Nasheen Jaan Nasheen
Jaan Nasheen Jaan Nasheen
Jaan Nasheen Jaan Nasheen


Bepanah Pyaar Ka
Ek Samander Liye
Kab Se Bechain Thi
Meri Ye Dhadkane

Ho Ang Ang Se Tere
Main Barasane Lagoon
Iss Kadar Tu Mujhe
Tujh Mein Mil Jaane De

Wo Kabse The Door Dono Benoor
Ho Dar Badar Aaj Ye Bebasi

Jaan Nasheen Jaan Nasheen
Jaan Nasheen Jaan Nasheen
Jaan Nasheen Jaan Nasheen
Jaan Nasheen Jaan Nasheen

End of the Lyrics

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Opinion on Jaan Nasheen Lyrics

These lyrics depict a passionate and intoxicating love. The speaker expresses their desire to savor every moment with their beloved, to feel the moisture of their lips, and to engage in a conversation through their breath. The lyrics capture the essence of physical and emotional intimacy between two individuals.

The chorus expresses a sense of pride and celebration in their love, as if each moment is a fiery moment of their affection. The repetition of “Jaan Nasheen” emphasizes the intense intoxication and euphoria experienced in their relationship.

The verses describe a desire for a transformative experience. The speaker longs for a rain of sparks upon themselves, representing a love that brings both pleasure and pain. They want to maintain an intimate embrace where they lose their senses, and no consciousness remains except for the love they share.

The lyrics further describe a yearning to be consumed by their partner’s love, where the speaker’s thirst for affection will never be quenched. The idea of being immersed in their partner’s embrace implies a longing for complete union and a desire to be lost in their love.

The bridge suggests that the speaker has been waiting for this profound love for a long time. The intense yearning they experienced has left them restless, and now they wish to drench their partner with their love. The lyrics portray a willingness to be vulnerable and to find solace in their partner’s arms.

Overall, these lyrics evoke a sense of passion, longing, and surrender to the overwhelming power of love. The intense emotions expressed through the words create an atmosphere of desire and a craving for an all-encompassing connection.

Jaan Nasheen Lyrics Credits

SongJaan Nasheen
SingerMohammed Irfan & Sanhita Majumder
LyricsAjay K Garg
MusicMukhtar Sahota
Music LabelZee Music Company
Jaan Nasheen Lyrics Credits

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