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Hum Tumse Lyrics is written by KING & co-written by MC Heam. Singer of this song is King. Music Director of this song is Bharg .This song is from the Shayad Woh Sune album/Movie. Find the perfect lyrics of Hum Tumse song in English & Hindi and enjoy by singing along with Music Video Song on Youtube.

Hum Tumse Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Hum Tumse Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Hum Tumse Lyrics In Hindi

गाना शुरू

आँखें खुली मेरी वो बैठी थी सामने
कहती मुझसे बात कर कभी तो मेरा नाम ले….

मैं खुश हूं के तू आंखों के सामने
पर तू ज़्यादा ना बोलता और हम दोनों ये जानते हैं….

ऐसा लगता है अभी बोल पड़ेगा
अभी खोल देगा सारे राज़ जो दरवाज़े जानता है….

कितनी आयें अंदर कितनी गायें बहार
हम तो धोखे में रहे हम बस ये सच नी मानते….

और ऐसी भी अब क्या करना है दुनिया का
जहां पे जान लेले जान प्यार के नाम पे….

मैं तो मुफ्त में हाय तेरी हो चली थी
पर आज पता चला कभी हुए हम भी नीलम थे

हम तुमसे क्या ही लड़ेंगे
तुम जीत जाते हो….

कितना कुछ खा तूने कब सुनी
ये कहानी भी है खुद चुनी
पर मैं इल्ज़ाम लगाता नई
क्योंकि ऐसा करना मैं चाहता हूं….

और तूने ऐसी बातें कब सुनीं
के तेरी मुझे नहीं खले कमी
मैं बस तुझे याद दिलाता हूं
क्योंकि ऐसा करना मैं चाहता हूं….

हम तुमसे क्या ही लड़ेंगे
तुम जीत जाते हो….

गीत अंत

Hum Tumse Lyrics In English

Start of the Lyrics

Aankhein Khuli Meri Vo Baithi Thi Saamne
Kehti Mujhse Baat Kar Kabhi To Mera Naam Le

Main Khush Hun Ke Tu Aankhon Ke Samne
Par Tu Zada Na Bolta Aur Hum Dono Ye Jante

Aisa Lagta Abhi Bol Padega
Abhi Khol Dega Saare Raaz Jo Darwaze Jante

Kitni Aayin Andar Kitni Gayin Bahar
Hum To Dhoke Mein Rahe Hum Bas Yeh Sach Ni Mante.

Aur Aisi Bhi Ab Kya Karna Hai Duniya Ka
Jahan Pe Jaan Lele Jaan Pyaar Ke Naam Pe

Main To Muft Me Hi Teri Ho Chali Thi
Par Aaj Pata Chala Kabhi Hue Hum Bhi Nilaam The


Hum Tumse Kya Hi Ladenge
Tum Jeet Jaate Ho

Kitna Kuch Kha Tune Kab Suni
Ye Kahaani Bhi Hai Khud Chuni
Par Main Ilzaam Lagata Nai
Kyuki Aisa Karna Main Chahta Nai

Aur Tune Aisi Baatein Kab Suni
Ke Teri Mujhe Nahi Khale Kami
Main Bas Tujhe Yaad Dilata Nai
Kyuki Aisa Karna Main Chahta Nai

Hum Tumse Kya Hi Ladenge
Tum Jeet Jaate Ho

End of the Lyrics

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Opinion on Hum Tumse Lyrics

These lyrics depict a complex relationship where the speaker is expressing their feelings of being unheard and misunderstood by their partner. The opening lines describe a person sitting in front of the speaker, urging them to talk and mention their name, indicating a desire for recognition and acknowledgement.

The following lines express the speaker’s contentment with their partner’s presence but also their frustration with their partner’s lack of communication. The phrase “Tu zada na bolta” suggests that their partner doesn’t speak much, and they both are aware of this dynamic.

The lyrics continue with a sense of anticipation, as the speaker believes that their partner will eventually reveal all the secrets and hidden truths they know. There’s a mention of the contrast between what is seen on the surface and what lies beneath. The speaker implies that they have been deceived and finds it difficult to believe in the authenticity of their relationship.

In the subsequent lines, the lyrics touch upon the harsh reality of the world, where people can betray and harm each other in the name of love. The speaker acknowledges their own vulnerability and expresses a sense of resignation towards the manipulative nature of relationships.

The lyrics also reveal the speaker’s realization that they have given themselves freely to their partner without fully understanding the consequences. They express a sense of regret and naivety, implying that they were unaware of their own worth and value.

The following lines highlight a lack of effective communication between the two. The speaker acknowledges that their partner has not heard certain things and is unaware of the speaker’s true feelings. Despite this, the speaker does not blame their partner, as they themselves do not take responsibility for expressing their thoughts and desires.

Overall, these lyrics depict a relationship characterized by unspoken words, misunderstandings, and a lack of emotional connection. The speaker expresses their longing for better communication and understanding while also recognizing their own hesitations and fears. It portrays a complex dynamic where both parties are responsible for the shortcomings in the relationship.

Hum Tumse Lyrics Credits

SongHum Tumse
AlbumShayad Woh Sune
LyricsKING & co-written by MC Heam
Music / ComposerBharg
Artist / CastKING
Songs GenreLove Song, Melody Song, Pop Song
Released DateJul 14, 2023
Hum Tumse Lyrics Credits

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