Brodha V – Aigiri Nandini Lyrics

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Aigiri Nandini Lyrics is written by Brodha V. This song is from the Aigiri Nandini album and produced by Brodha V. Find the perfect lyrics of Aigiri Nandini song in English and enjoy by singing along with Music Video Song on Youtube.

Aigiri Nandini Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Aigiri Nandini Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Aigiri Nandini Lyrics in English

Start of the Lyrics

Aigiri Nandini Nandhitha Medhini
Vishwa Vinodhini Nandanuthe
Girivara Vindhya Shirodhi Nivasini
Vishnu Vilasini Jishnu Nuthe
Bhagawathi Hey Shithi Kanda Kudumbini
Bhoori Kudimbini Bhoori Kruthe
Jaya Jaya He Mahishasura Mardini, Ramya
Kapardini Shaila Suthe

[Verse 1]
(Yo Yo)
Yo we keeping it flying
We keep it Indian
Repping all the billions
Spread it from Melbourne to Michigan
We used to live with villains and often killers, plus sinners
We never oblivious about god the illest
Far from eras
We high five fellas
Divine realest
Our microphone scream define sickest
Apart from my name there’s one thing
These women like saying
(Ohm Namashivaya)
Dropin’ the purest, the flows
You like that
Baby it’s the Machas on the show
We like that
The words generic
Verbs are melodic
Belief was genetic
The faith – Try and measure it


[Verse 2]
After dawning the light get imposing at tempting fiends
Stepping on the evil and crushing their lesser beings
Beneath my feet and exposed
Check how it is
And keep it on the ground till
You know you’re part of this
Ain’t no passing this time
We ain’t never this calm
We do no wrong
But if we do what that we become
A demi-god, taking forms
Leaving enemies harmed
Together along (Yup)
Together we’ll be singing the song like this

Avidyanam Antas-Timira-Mihira-Dweepa-Nagari
Jadanam Chaitanya-Stabaka-Makaranda-Shruti Jhar
Oh gracious one you’re the sun that dispels the darkness of the unlettered
You’re the stream of consciousness for the unthinking fool
Daridranam Chinta-Mani-Gunanika Janma-Jaladhau
Nimaghanam Damshtra Mura-Ripu-Varahasya Bhavati
You are the all giving precious known for the pour
For those crammed by the sea of Kerch and the dust soft above
Now I see a way everybody around me waiting to break free and run out into the wild
Garisa Garisa Garisa Nisa Garisa Nisa Gamapamagiri
Garisa Garisa Garisa
Dha Dha Dha Dha Dharisa

[Verse 3]
Yo, I jumped into the scene performing a backflip
Burn the Devil cause ‘em to turn into ashes
With the Wrath of a women combined with raw courage
Clash with the titans assigned to cause ruckus
If you’re victor
Flee out the door
Feeling ready and when I am bold and already holding swords with machetes

[Hook x2]

Garisa garisa garisa nisa garisa nisa gamapamagiri
Garisa garisa garisa dha dha dha dha dharisa

End of the Lyrics

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Aigiri Nandini Lyrics

Opinion on Aigiri Nandini Lyrics

The song “Aigiri Nandini” by Brodha V is a contemporary take on the traditional Sanskrit hymn “Mahishasura Mardini Stotram,” which is dedicated to Goddess Durga. This modern rendition blends elements of Indian classical music with hip-hop and rap, creating a unique and powerful musical experience.

The opening hook, “Aigiri Nandini Nandhitha Medhini,” pays homage to the goddess, invoking her various names and attributes. It celebrates her as the powerful and victorious force that defeats the demon Mahishasura. The chorus, with its rhythmic and melodic delivery, captures the essence of devotion and reverence toward the goddess.

In the first verse, Brodha V introduces a contemporary twist to the song. He acknowledges his roots and cultural heritage while also highlighting the significance of faith and belief. The lines “We used to live with villains and often killers, plus sinners” reflect the idea that life can be filled with challenges and negativity, but faith in a higher power can provide guidance and strength.

The verse also incorporates elements of Indian spirituality, such as the chanting of “Om Namashivaya,” a sacred mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva. This blend of traditional spirituality with modern rap showcases the artist’s fusion of genres and his ability to connect with a diverse audience.

In the second verse, Brodha V continues to emphasize the importance of faith and the power of unity. He mentions overcoming evil and staying grounded, echoing the themes of the original hymn. The verse conveys a message of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

The bridge of the song provides a deeper philosophical interpretation of the goddess’s attributes. It acknowledges her role in dispelling darkness and ignorance, guiding those who may be lost or unenlightened. The lyrics express gratitude for the goddess’s grace and wisdom.

The outro reinforces the chanting of “Garisa garisa garisa nisa garisa nisa gamapamagiri” as a form of devotion and celebration. The repetitive chanting adds to the spiritual and meditative quality of the song.

Overall, “Aigiri Nandini” by Brodha V is a creative and contemporary reinterpretation of a traditional hymn. It bridges the gap between ancient spirituality and modern musical expression, conveying themes of faith, unity, and the triumph of good over evil. The song serves as a reminder of the enduring power and relevance of ancient traditions in today’s world.

Aigiri Nandini Lyrics Credits

AlbumAigiri Nandini
LyricsBrodha V, Traditional
MusicBrodha V, Traditional
DirectorMikhail Mehra
CinematographerZaryan Patel
Line ProducerDurgesh Dadihch
EditorArhem Liahkim
LightingRakesh Kumar Saini, Mahesh Saini, Bheem Kumar Yadav
Make-upVijay R. Guddam
LabelSony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.
Aigiri Nandini Lyrics Credits

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