Heeriye Lyrics In Hindi & English – Abhi Dutt | हीरिये लिरिक्स इन हिंदी

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Heeriye Lyrics Introduction

The soulful and romantic track “Heeriye” has been composed by the talented Vikram Montrose and penned by Shekhar Astitwa. It is a beautiful representation of love, longing, and the desire to be with someone special. The song has been sung by Abhi Dutt, and the sound design and programming have been done by Vikram Montrose, with additional programming by Prachotosh Bhowmick (Appai) and guitars by Prachotosh Bhowmick (Appai).

Heeriye Lyrics
Heeriye Lyrics

The lyrics of “Heeriye” are filled with beautiful imagery and metaphors, which perfectly capture the emotions of the heart. The song talks about how the protagonist feels incomplete without their loved one, and how their life is a void that can only be filled by the presence of their beloved. The lyrics also talk about how love can bring out the best in a person and how it can inspire them to be better.

The music of the song perfectly complements the lyrics, and together they create a beautiful and emotional experience for the listener. The song has a soft, romantic melody, which is enhanced by the use of acoustic guitar and subtle percussion. The sound design and programming by Vikram Montrose and Prachotosh Bhowmick (Appai) add an ethereal quality to the music, making it sound almost otherworldly.

The vocals of Abhi Dutt are smooth and soothing, perfectly capturing the emotions of the song. His voice has a velvety quality, which makes the listener feel like they are being serenaded by their loved one.

The song has been mixed and mastered by Eric Pillai at Future Sound of Bombay, ensuring that the music sounds crisp and clear, with each instrument and voice perfectly balanced.

Heeriye Lyrics Details

SingerAbhi Dutt
LyricsShekhar Astitwa
MusicVikram Montrose
Music LabelBLive Music
Heeriye Lyrics Details

हीरिये लिरिक्स इन हिंदी

हसरतों का ख्वाब हुई
जिंदगी आजाब हुई
अखियाँ चनाब हुई
तेरे इश्क में

बे रेहम सी यादें तेरी
बे सबर ये सांसें मेरी
जागे रोज रातें मेरी
तेरे इश्क में

हीरिये हीरिये
हीरिये हीरिये


तन्हाइयों से अक्सर तेरे ही
बारे मैं पूछती है
मेरी आँहें मेरी आँहें

बिस्तर पे सिलवटों की नदी
में हर शाम डूबती है
मेरी चाहें मेरी चाहें


दिल ये बेठिकाना हुआ
खुद से ही बेगाना हुआ
दर्द से याराना हुआ तेरे इश्क में

फ़ुरक़ते कटार हुई
धड़कने निसार हुई
खवाहिशें मजार हुई तेरे इश्क में

हीरिये हीरिये हीरिये हीरिये
हीरिये हीरिये हीरिये हीरिये
हीरिये हीरिये

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Heeriye Lyrics In English

Hasraton Ka Khwab Huyi
Zindagi Aazab Huyi
Aakhiyan Chanab Huyi
Tere Ishq Mein

Be Rehem Si Yaadein Teri
Be Sabar Ye Saansein Meri
Jaage Roz Raatein Meri
Tere Ishq Mein

Heeriye Heeriye
Heeriye Heeriye

Music ….

Tanhaiyan Se Aksar Tere Hi
Bare Mein Poochti Hai
Meri Aanhein Meri Aanhein

Bister Pe Silvaton Ki Nadi
Mein Har Shaam Doobti Hai
Meri Chahein Meri Chahein


Dil Ye Bethikana Hua
Khud Se Hi Begana Hua
Dard Se Yarana Hua Tere Ishq Mein

Furkatein Kataar Huyi
Dhadkane Nisaar Huyi
Khawahishein Mazaar Huyi Tere Ishq Mein

Heeriye Heeriye Heeriye Heeriye
Heeriye Heeriye Heeriye Heeriye
Heeriye Heeriye

Heeriye Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Heeriye Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

FAQ on Heeriye Lyrics

  1. Who composed the song “Heeriye”?

    The song “Heeriye” has been composed by Vikram Montrose.

  2. Who wrote the lyrics for the song “Heeriye”?

    The lyrics of “Heeriye” have been written by Shekhar Astitwa.

  3. Who sang “Heeriye”?

    The song “Heeriye” has been sung by Abhi Dutt.

  4. Who dubbed the vocals for “Heeriye”?

    The vocals for “Heeriye” have been dubbed by Vikram Montrose.

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