आरती: श्री रामचन्द्र जी | Shri Ramchandra Ji Ki Aarti In Hindi & English

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Shri Ramchandra Ji Ki Aarti is a Hindu devotional hymn devoted to Lord Rama, one of Hinduism’s most adored deities. This Aarti is generally performed at the conclusion of the daily puja or worship event, and it is thought to bring peace and prosperity to the devotees.

Shri Ramchandra Ji Ki Aarti

The Aarti is a lovely expression of devotion and thanks to Lord Rama. It highlights his characteristics and achievements, such as his courage, knowledge, and compassion. The hymn also praises the Lord’s position as a guardian of his believers and asks for his blessings for a happy and full life.

Shri Ramchandra Ji Ki Aarti’s lyrics are simple but deep, and they have been handed down through generations of Hindu worshippers. The Aarti is generally accompanied by the ringing of bells, the lighting of lamps, and the burning of incense, creating a tranquil and uplifting ambiance.

This page delves into the history and importance of Shri Ramchandra Ji Ki Aarti, as well as its lyrics and musical composition. It also covers Lord Rama’s cultural and spiritual significance in Hinduism, as well as how the Aarti has become an integral aspect of worshipping this revered god.

Whether you are a dedicated disciple of Lord Rama or just curious in Hinduism and its traditions, this essay will give a complete and insightful look at Shri Ramchandra Ji Ki Aarti.

Shri Ramchandra Ji Ki Aarti Video Song on Youtube

Shri Ramchandra Ji Ki Aarti Video Song on Youtube

Shri Ramchandra Ji Ki Aarti In Hindi

आरती कीजै रामचन्द्र जी की।
हरि-हरि दुष्टदलन सीतापति जी की॥

पहली आरती पुष्पन की माला।
काली नाग नाथ लाये गोपाला॥

दूसरी आरती देवकी नन्दन।
भक्त उबारन कंस निकन्दन॥

तीसरी आरती त्रिभुवन मोहे।
रत्‍‌न सिंहासन सीता रामजी सोहे॥

चौथी आरती चहुं युग पूजा।
देव निरंजन स्वामी और न दूजा॥

पांचवीं आरती राम को भावे।
रामजी का यश नामदेव जी गावें॥

Shri Ramchandra Ji Ki Aarti In English

Aarti Kije Shri Ramchandra Ki।
Dushtdalan Sitapati Ji Ki॥

Pahali Aarti Pushpan Ki Maala।
Kaali Naag Naath।aaye Gopala॥

Dusari Aarti Devaki Nandan।
Bhakt Ubaaran Kans Nikandan॥

Tisari Aarti Tribhuvan Mohe।
Ratna Sinhaasan Sita Ram Ji Sohe॥

Chauthi Aarti Chahu Yug Puja।
Dev Niranjan Svaami Aur Na Duja॥

Paanchavi Aarti Ram Ko Bhaave।
Ramji Kaa Yash Namadevaji Gave॥

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