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Jaani Ye Lyrics is written by Sheik Tabrez. Singer of this song is Abhik Saha . Music Director of this song is Deepak Warrier . This song is from the Samara album/Movie. Find the perfect lyrics of Jaani Ye song in English & Hindi and enjoy by singing along with Music Video Song on Youtube.

Jaani Ye Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Jaani Ye Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Jaani Ye Lyrics In Hindi

गाना शुरू

जानी ये बेहतरीन तेरा जज्बां रे
हाथों को मेरे बातों से खींचें
सिरहाने प्यारी तेरी आदतें
आहें मेरी भीगी पलकों से ये नम रहे

सोई है तू शायद से रोई
खोई है आँसूवों में
नइ सुभा नइ दुआ
मिटादे तेरी सारी बेकरारी

जानी ये बेहतरीन तेरा जज्बां रे
चाहे उजारे क्यूँ तु ही विश्र्वा रे
जानी ये बेहतरीन तेरा जज्बां रे

चाहे मशाने क्यों तु ही विश्र्वा रे


ज़िन्दगी वादियां हसीं गर्दिशें
नाथ में रासते गिरे फिर से चढ़े
बीती यादों ने देखे मंजर है कई
रुठे जो हालाते थाम उंगली मेरी

राहो में सारे मैं रहूं साये मेरे तेरे
जानी ये बेहतरीन तेरा जज्बां रे
चाहे मशाने क्यों तु ही विश्र्वा रे

गीत अंत

Jaani Ye Lyrics In English

Start of the Lyrics

Jaani Ye Behtareen Tera Jazba Re
Haathon Ko Mere Baaton Se Kheenchen
Sirhane Pyaari Teri Aadatein
Aahein Meri Bheegi Palkon Se Ye Nam Rahe

Soi Hai Tu Shayad Se Roi
Khoi Hai Aasunwon Mein
Nai Subha Nai Dua
Mitade Teri Sari Bekarari

Jaani Ye Behtareen Tera Jazzba Re
Chahe Ujare Kyun Tu Hi Vishwa Re
Jaani Ye Behtareen Tera Jazzba Re
Chahe Mashane Kyun Tu Hi Vishwa Re


Zindagi Waadiyan Hasin Gardishen
Nath Mein Rasate Gire Phir Se Chadhe
Beeti Yaadon Ne Dekhe Manzar Hai Kai
Ruthe Jo Haalat Thaam Ungli Meri

Raaho Mein Saare Main Rahun Saaye Mere Tere
Jaani Ye Behtareen Tera Jazzba Re
Chahe Mashane Kyun Tu Hi Vishwa Re

End of the Lyrics

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Opinion on Jaani Ye Lyrics

The provided lyrics are from the song “Jaani Ye Behtareen Tera Jazba Re,” and here’s an opinion on these lyrics:

“Jaani Ye Behtareen Tera Jazba Re” is a beautiful and emotive song that showcases the power of love and emotions. The lyrics are expressive and poetic, painting a vivid picture of deep feelings and affection.

The song captures the essence of a strong emotional connection between two people. The opening lines praise the partner’s exceptional passion and commitment, describing their captivating aura and the way they pull the speaker closer with their words.

The lines “Soi Hai Tu Shayad Se Roi, Khoi Hai Aasunwon Mein” suggest that the partner might be hiding their emotions, perhaps pretending to be strong while carrying hidden pain. The speaker longs to ease their partner’s distress, as symbolized by the “aahein” (sighs) and “bheegi palkon se ye nam rahe” (tear-streaked eyelids).

The song continues to describe the partner as “jaani ye behtareen” (my beloved, the best), emphasizing their extraordinary qualities and the profound impact they have on the speaker’s life. The lines “chahe ujare kyun tu hi vishwa re” convey the sentiment that even if the world falls apart, the partner’s presence can provide solace and strength.

The lyrics beautifully capture the rollercoaster of emotions experienced in life’s journey, comparing it to “zindagi waadiyan hasin gardishen” (life’s beautiful paths and cycles). The mention of “beeti yaadon ne dekhe manzar hai kai” (memories of the past witnessing various scenes) reflects on the nostalgic moments shared with the partner.

The phrase “raaho mein saare main rahun saaye mere tere” (in all the paths, I remain with your shadow) symbolizes the speaker’s desire to be by their partner’s side in all circumstances, offering support and companionship.

Overall, “Jaani Ye Behtareen Tera Jazba Re” is a heartfelt and romantic song that celebrates love, connection, and the ability to find strength and comfort in the presence of a beloved partner. The poetic language and evocative imagery make it a soulful and touching piece of music.

Jaani Ye Lyrics Credits

SongJaani Ye
SingerAbhik Saha
LyricsSheik Tabrez
MusicDeepak Warrier
Music LabelT-Series
Jaani Ye Lyrics Credits

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