इक ओंकार |Ek Onkar Lyrics in Hindi – Rang De Basanti

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Enjoy by Listening and Singing with Ek Onkar Lyrics In Hindi and English along with Video Song On Youtube.This song is from Rang De Basanti Movie/Album. Singer is this song Harshdeep Kaur. Prasoon Joshi has written the Lyrics of this song. A.R. Rahman is music composer of this song.Music lable is Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

Ek Onkar Lyrics Details

  • Song Name – Ik Onkar
  • Movie – Rang De Basanti
  • Singer – Harshdeep Kaur
  • Composer – A.R. Rahman
  • Music Label – Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd.

Ek Onkar Lyrics Video Song On Youtube

Ek Onkar Lyrics Video Song On Youtube

Ek Onkar Lyrics In Hindi

इक ओंकार सतनाम करता पुरख
निर्मोह निरवैर अकाल मूरत
अजूनी सभम
गुरु परसाद जप आद सच जुगाद सच
है भी सच नानक होसे भी सच
सोचे सोच न होवई
जे सोची लख वार
चुप्पे चुप न होवई

जे लाइ हर लख्तार
उखिया पुख न उतरी
जे बनना पूरिया पार
सहास्यानपा लख वो हई
ता एक न चले नाल
के वे सच यारा होइ ऐ
के वे कूड़े टुट्टे पाल
हुकुम रजाई चलना नानक लिखिया नाल

Ek Onkar Lyrics In English

Nirmoh nirvair akaal murat
Ajuni sabham
Guru parsad jap aad sach jugaad sach
Hai bhi sach nanak hose bhi sach
Soche soch na ho wai
Jo sochi lakh waar
Chhupe chhup na howai

Je laai har lakhtaar
Ukhiya pukh na utari
Je banna puriya paar
Sahasyanpa lakh woh hai
Ta ek na chale naal
Ke ve sach yaara hoi ae
Ke ve kude tutte paal
Hukum rajai chalna nanak likheya naal

Ek Onkar Lyrics With Meaning

There is only one God. His name is true.
He is the creator, He has no fear, He has no hate.
He is omnipresent, unborn and self-illuminating.
By the Guru’s grace, He is realised. Meditate on His name.
He has been true since time began.
He has been true since the ages. He is still true.
Guru Nanak says he will forever be true.

With thinking, you can’t frame him,
even though you may think a million times.
Inner silence is not obtained by remaining silent,
even though you may remain forever silent in meditation.
Even though one remains soaked in God,
he doesn’t obtain the peace of mind.
A hungry person’s hunger isn’t satisfied even after they attain the world.
Man may possess millions of wits but none will work for him before God.
How can we be true? How can the screen of lies be broken?
By obeying the orders of Guru Nanak.

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