Drake – First Person Shooter Lyrics

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First Person Shooter Lyrics is written by Drake, J. Cole, Boi-1da, Coleman, Zac, Finatik, OZ, Vinylz & Tay Keith. This song is from the For All The Dogs (2023) album and produced by Tay Keith, Boi-1da, FNZ, OZ, Coleman & Vinylz. Find the perfect lyrics of First Person Shooter song in English and enjoy by singing along with Music Video Song on Youtube.

First Person Shooter Lyrics Music Video Song

First Person Shooter Lyrics Music Video Song

First Person Shooter Lyrics

Start of the Lyrics

Part I

[Verse 1: J. Cole]
(Pew, pew-pew)
First person shooter mode, we turnin’ your song to a funeral
To them niggas that say they wan’ off us, you better be talkin’ ’bout workin’ in cubicles
Yeah, them boys had it locked, but I knew the code
Lot of niggas debatin’ my numeral
Not the three, not the two, I’m the U-N-O
Numero U-N-O
Me and Drizzy, this shit like the Super Bowl
Man, this shit damn near big as the—

[Verse 2: Drake]
Big as the what? Big as the what? Big as the what?
Big as the Super Bowl
But the difference is it’s just two guys playin’ shit that they did in the studio
Niggas usually send they verses back to me and they be terrible, just like a two-year old
I love a dinner with some fine women
When they start debatin’ about who the G.O.A.T
I’m like “Go ‘head, say it then, who the G.O.A.T.?
“Who the G.O.A.T.? Who the G.O.A.T.? Who the G.O.A.T.?”
“Who you bitches really rootin’ for?”
Like a kid that act bad from January to November, nigga, it’s just you and Cole
Big as the what? Big as the what? Big as the what?(Ayy)
Big as the Super Bowl

[Verse 3: J. Cole]
Niggas so thirsty to put me in beef
Dissectin’ my words and start lookin’ too deep
I look at the tweets and start suckin’ my teeth
I’m lettin’ it rock ’cause I love the mystique
I still wanna get me a song with YB
Can’t trust everything that you saw on IG
Just know if I diss you, I’d make sure you know that I hit you like I’m on your caller ID
I’m namin’ the album The Fall Off, it’s pretty ironic ’cause it ain’t no fall off for me
Still in this bitch gettin’ bigger, they waitin’ on the kid to come drop like a father to be
Love when they argue the hardest MC
Is it K-Dot? Is it Aubrey? Or me?
We the big three like we started a league, but right now, I feel like Muhammed Ali
Huh, yeah, yeah, huh-huh, yeah, Muhammed Ali
The one that they call when they shit ain’t connectin’ no more, feel like I got a job in IT
Rhymin’ with me is the biggest mistake
The Spider-Man meme is me lookin’ at Drake
It’s like we recruited your homies to beat demon deacons, we got ’em attending a wake
Hate how the gang gotta wait for the boss, man, this shit like a prison escape
Everybody steppers, well fuck it, then everybody breakfast and I’m ’bout to clear up my plate (Huh, huh, huh)
When I show up, it’s motion picture blockbuster
The G.O.A.T. with the golden pin, the top toucher
The spot rusher, sprayed his whole shit up, the crop duster
Not Russia, but apply pressure
To your cranium, Cole’s automatic when aimin’ ’em
With The Boy in the status, a stadium

Part II

[Intro: Drake]
Ayy, I’m ’bout to—, I’m bout to—
I’m ’bout to—, yeah

[Verse: Drake]
I’m ’bout to click out on this shit
I’m ’bout to click, woah
I’m ’bout to click out on this shit
I’m ’bout to click, woah
I’m down to click down you hoes and make a crime scene
I click the trigger on the stick like a high beam
Man, I was Bentley wheel whippin’ when I was nineteen
She call my number, leave her hangin’, she got dry-cleaned
She got a Android, her messages is lime green
I search one name, and end up seein’ twenty tings
Nadine, Christine, Justine, Kathleen, Charlene, Pauline, Claudine
Man, I pack ’em in this phone like some sardines
And they send me naked pictures, it’s the small things
You niggas is still takin’ pictures on a dog stream
My youngers richer than you rappers and they all stream
I really hate that you been sellin’ them some false dreams
Man, if your pub was up for sale, I buy the whole thing
Will they ever give me flowers? Well, of course not
They don’t wanna have that talk, ’cause it’s a sore spot
They know The Boy the one they gotta boycott
I told Jim and Jammer I use a GRAMMY as a door stop
Girl gave me some head because I need it
And if I fuck with you, then after I might eat it, wait
Niggas talkin’ ’bout when this gon’ be repeated
What the fuck bro? I’m one away from Michael
Nigga, beat it, nigga, beat it, what?

Beat it, what? Beat it, what? Beat it, what? Beat it, what?
Beat it, what? Beat it, what? Beat it, what? Beat it, what?
Beat it, what? Beat it, what? Beat it, what? Beat it, what?
Don’t even pay me back on none them favors, I don’t need it

End of the Lyrics

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First Person Shooter Lyrics

Opinion on First Person Shooter Lyrics

Part I: The Opening Shots

In the world of rap, battles are not fought with fists but with words, and J. Cole and Drake recently entered the arena with their explosive collaboration, “First Person Shooter.” This lyrical showdown is a masterclass in wordplay, wit, and lyrical dexterity. Let’s break down the verses and explore the hidden meanings behind the lines.

Verse 1: J. Cole

(Pew, pew-pew)
With the sound of virtual gunshots, J. Cole kicks off the track in first-person shooter mode, setting the tone for the rap battle. He immediately challenges anyone who dares to come at him, likening their attempts to wanting to work in cubicles – a mundane and unimpressive choice. Cole asserts his dominance in the rap game, declaring himself the “Numero U-N-O,” emphasizing his position at the top.

Meaning: Cole begins by addressing his critics and rivals, dismissing them as insignificant. He makes it clear that he’s in a league of his own, suggesting that others are merely office workers while he’s the boss.

Verse 2: Drake

Drake, known for his smooth and witty rhymes, takes over the mic in the second verse. He humorously questions Cole’s claim of being “big as the Super Bowl,” playfully asking what exactly is as big as the Super Bowl. Drake acknowledges that they are two artists making music in the studio, not competing in a sports event. He touches on the common practice of receiving lackluster verses from other artists and subtly hints at the quality of his own work.

Meaning: Drake uses humor and wordplay to poke fun at Cole’s claim while highlighting their collaborative and creative process. He suggests that the Super Bowl is a massive event, but their music transcends it in significance.

Verse 3: J. Cole

In his second verse, Cole delves deeper into the rap game and its politics. He acknowledges that people are eager to start beef with him, analyzing his lyrics closely. Cole, however, doesn’t let the criticism bother him, as he enjoys the mystery and intrigue surrounding his music. He playfully mentions his desire to collaborate with YoungBoy Never Broke Again (YB) while cautioning against trusting everything seen on social media.

Meaning: Cole reflects on the scrutiny he faces as a successful artist and his ability to maintain an air of mystique. He also emphasizes the importance of authenticity in the music industry and the pitfalls of social media.

Verse 4: J. Cole

Cole continues his verse, announcing the title of his upcoming album, “The Fall Off.” He acknowledges the irony of naming an album “The Fall Off” when he’s at the peak of his career. He playfully compares himself to Muhammad Ali, known for his braggadocious yet legendary boxing career.

Meaning: Cole reveals the title of his highly anticipated album and plays with the idea of his own “fall,” suggesting that even at his peak, he remains humble and focused on his craft. He also draws a parallel to Muhammad Ali’s confidence and skill in his field.

Part II: Drake’s Counterattack

In the second part of “First Person Shooter,” Drake takes the mic and delivers his own counterattack, maintaining the playful tone set by Cole in the first part.

Verse: Drake

Drake starts his verse with a confident proclamation, indicating that he’s ready to “click out” and unleash his lyrical prowess. He uses wordplay involving “click” to emphasize his readiness for action, akin to a mouse click. He proceeds to discuss a variety of topics, from women sending him explicit pictures to his approach to handling disagreements with other artists.

Meaning: Drake showcases his wordplay skills while discussing his experiences in the music industry. He also addresses the nature of his relationships with women and his approach to resolving conflicts with other artists.

Outro: The Final Blow

In the outro, Drake concludes his verse with a sense of triumph. He declares himself one step away from Michael Jackson, suggesting that he’s on the cusp of achieving legendary status. He dismisses the need for repayment of favors, underlining his self-sufficiency.

Meaning: Drake confidently asserts his position in the music industry, implying that he’s on the brink of becoming a musical icon like Michael Jackson. He also makes it clear that he doesn’t require assistance or repayment from others.

“First Person Shooter Lyrics” showcases the artistry and wit of J. Cole and Drake as they engage in a playful yet skillful rap battle. Their verses are filled with wordplay, humor, and subtle jabs, making this collaboration a captivating addition to their respective discographies. As fans eagerly await their future musical endeavors, this track serves as a testament to their lyrical prowess and ability to entertain and engage their audience.

First Person Shooter Lyrics Credits

AlbumFor All The Dogs (2023)
FeaturingJ. Cole
Produced ByTay Keith, Boi-1da, FNZ, OZ, Coleman & Vinylz
Written ByDrake, J. Cole, Boi-1da, Coleman, Zac, Finatik, OZ, Vinylz & Tay Keith
Mastering EngineerChris Athens & Dave Huffman
Studio PersonnelChris Athens, Dave Huffman, Noel Cadastre & OUPSiNG
MixerNoel Cadastre
Recording EngineerNoel Cadastre
KeyboardsBoi-1da, Coleman, OZ, FNZ, Tay Keith & Vinylz
DrumsBoi-1da, Coleman, FNZ, Tay Keith & Vinylz
Assistant MixerOUPSiNG
LabelOVO Sound & Republic Records
DistributorUniversal Music Group
Phonographic Copyright ℗OVO Sound, Republic Records & Universal Music Group
Copyright ©OVO Sound, Republic Records & Universal Music Group
Release DateOctober 6, 2023
First Person Shooter Lyrics Credits

FAQ on First Person Shooter Lyrics

  1. Which album does the song “First Person Shooter” belong to?

    “First Person Shooter” is a track from the album “For All The Dogs,” released in 2023.

  2. Who produced the song “First Person Shooter”?

    “First Person Shooter” was produced by a team of renowned producers, including Tay Keith, Boi-1da, FNZ (Finatik N Zac), OZ, Coleman, and Vinylz.

  3. Who are the songwriters of “First Person Shooter”?

    The song “First Person Shooter” was written by multiple artists and songwriters, including Drake, J. Cole, Boi-1da, Coleman, Zac, Finatik, OZ, Vinylz, and Tay Keith.

  4. When was the song “First Person Shooter” released?

    “First Person Shooter” was released on October 6, 2023.

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