Tyler, The Creator – SAFARI Lyrics | Lyrics for Safari by Tyler, The Creator

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Enjoy by Singing with Safari Lyrics in English along with Video Song on Youtube. This Song is from the album/film – CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST (2021) and produced by Tyler, The Creator & Jay Versace. This song is written by Tyler, The Creator & Jay Versace. This song is released in June 25, 2021.

Safari Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Safari Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Safari Lyrics in English


Start of the Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Drama & Tyler, The Creator]
Destination: remote
We done been everywhere
Only thing we ain’t traveled
Is time (Yo)

[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator]
The boy record smell like bleach
I can travel where I want
I’m accustomed clearin’ customs
It ain’t custom, I don’t come
Flee the bird to the truck
I scream, “Au revoir,” to the stewardess
Border control asking stupid shit
Stayin’ at home, I hate
Runaway love, but I’m no Ludacris
Sippin’ on mint tea, take my shoes off
Then we take off, then I snooze off
Until I land where I’m foreign
Then I wake up, wipe the drool off
Got my passport in my weekend
I’ma cool off, get a sweet tan
Loafers filled with beach sand
Recline ’til it’s time to peace sign
Fuck all the chains and the cars, get a passport
See the world, open your eyes ’til your back hurt
Niggas get bread and won’t leave, shit is backwards
Start with your feet, then a car, then an airport
Get out your bubble gum
Blow up horizons, sun
Sled in the Alps or go tube in Missoula
Or tour in Japan or go scuba in Cuba
Or land in a borough, Jerrod got the brioche
Ciabatta in Como, it matches my peacoat
Oversee the sea, all the things that you could see
Like them languages I speak, out in Paris for a week
Take my nephews out to Nice, they like “Who?” I’m like, “Oui,” ha

[Break: DJ Drama & Tyler, The Creator]
We on a safari
Legendary (Safari)
Globally recognized
Catch us if you can (Baby, we on a safari)
Are you keepin’ up? (‘Fari)
Once in a lifetime (Baby, we on a safari)
This what it sounds like when the moon and the sun collide
Speakin’ matter-of-factly (Baby, we on a safari)
We’re just light years ahead (You said that it was you I saw with another in my place)

[Verse 2: Tyler, The Creator]
Every car retarded, the garage look like a loony bin
What coupe he in? Depends on the ‘fit and the type of mood he in (Ugh)
I been switchin’ gears since Tracee Ellis Ross was UPN
Clutch, then he stroke outta nowhere like a droopy grin (Ugh)
Huh, took that Grammy home, couldn’t lose again
The suit was so sharp that it could get Medusa coochie trimmed (Ugh)
Hov talkin’ ’bout a hundred million, nigga, loop me in
Like who that young, rich, handsome nigga with the gooey skin? (Ugh)
Mama named him Tyler and his brothers call him T
And the bank, they call him when that wire clear like season three or somethin’ (Ugh)
Skateboard named him Bunnyhop, it’s Baudelaire or Wolfie, though
The felines named him hour for how long he eat the— (Pussy) wait a minute (Ugh)
Pink loafers scuff quickly, Fiat cost a buck sixty
I’ll keep it a buck fifty, y’all can’t really fuck with me (Ugh)
Bitch, I got the fuzz and I’ma own it ’til they bury him
Only twenty-nine, but I’ve been focused since thirty M (Ugh)

[Outro: DJ Drama & Tyler, The Creator]
Call me if you get lost (Gangsta Grillz)
And like that (Uh), we gone

End of the Lyrics

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Opinion on Safari Lyrics

The lyrics are from the CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST (2021) by Tyler, The Creator, featuring DJ Drama. The song showcases Tyler’s signature wordplay, clever rhymes, and confident delivery.

In the first verse, Tyler talks about his experiences as a globetrotter, traveling the world and embracing different cultures. He boasts about his freedom to explore various places, asserting his independence and worldly knowledge. The lyrics portray Tyler as someone who enjoys the luxuries of life, but also cherishes the unique experiences and opportunities that come with traveling.

The break adds an element of grandiosity, describing the journey as a safari and emphasizing how extraordinary and legendary it is. It creates an atmosphere of excitement and adventure, inviting listeners to join Tyler on this unique voyage.

In the second verse, Tyler boasts about his accomplishments and success in the music industry. He references winning a Grammy and his sharp fashion sense, portraying himself as a confident and skilled artist. He also mentions his various aliases and nicknames, showcasing his versatility and multifaceted persona.

Overall, the song exhibits Tyler, The Creator’s characteristic style of blending braggadocious lyrics with clever wordplay. It presents him as a skilled rapper and artist who is not only successful but also well-traveled and cultured.

As with any form of art, individual opinions on the lyrics may vary depending on personal tastes and preferences. Some listeners may appreciate Tyler’s lyrical prowess and the confidence he exudes, while others may find the content boastful or excessive. Ultimately, the song’s appeal will depend on the listener’s connection to the artist’s style and the themes explored in the lyrics.

Safari Lyrics Credit Details

  • Produced By – Tyler, The Creator & Jay Versace
  • Written By – Tyler, The Creator & Jay Versace
  • Performance Rights – BMI
  • Publisher – Sony Music Entertainment & ​a boy is a gun*
  • Recording Engineer – Vic Wainstein & Tyler, The Creator
  • Mixing Engineer – Neal Pogue
  • Mastering Engineer – Mike Bozzi
  • Flute – Fabian Chavez
  • Executive Producer – Tyler, The Creator
  • Assistant Engineer – Zachary Acosta & Robert N. Johnson
  • Distributor – Sony Music Entertainment
  • Label – Columbia Records
  • Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Sony Music Entertainment & Columbia Records
  • Copyright © – Sony Music Entertainment & Columbia Records
  • Additional Vocals – DJ Drama
  • Release Date – June 25, 2021

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