Project Walls Lyrics – Lil Tjay Feat. NBA YoungBoy

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Project Walls Lyrics – Lil Tjay Feat. NBA YoungBoy : “Experience the explosive collaboration between Lil Tjay and NBA YoungBoy in their latest rock-infused anthem, ‘Project Walls.’ With lyrics penned by both artists, this dynamic track showcases their raw talent and compelling storytelling. Set to be released on July 7th, 2023, immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of Lil Tjay’s and NBA YoungBoy’s music as they break down the barriers and leave an indelible mark on the English language music scene. Presented under the label of Lil Tjay, ‘Project Walls’ is a must-listen for fans of both artists and rock enthusiasts alike.”

Project Walls Lyrics Video Song On Youtube

Project Walls Lyrics Video Song On Youtube

Project Walls Lyrics In English

Start Of The Lyrics

Roaches, Project Walls,
Dad Broke I Seen All..
Tryna Change My Life,
Damn Near Tried It All..

Know Some Want Me Dead,
Locked Up In The Feds..
I Strive For Better..

Remember When I Was Broke,
Running Around Hungry No Coat..
Had To Finally Put Up On The Dope,
Never Had Money So I Got To Bank ’em..

Went Dummy Had Sh!t,
Cop ’em With My Notes..
Freestyling Quotes,
Came From The Bottom..

It’s Possible Over Work With My Approach,
These Nig#as Ghost Stick To The Ones..
Who Gon’ Love You For You,
If Not You’re Gon’ Be Toast..
Nig#as Be Jokes Gotta Stay Woke..

They Want My Spot,
That’s Why I Do The Most..
This Off The Dome Sometimes,
I Tend To Roam..

But I Can’t Leave It ‘lone
They Got Me Coast To Coast..
Still Check On The Lives And,
Make Sure Momma Proud..

Clearin’ Two Hundred Fifty Rolling Loud,
We Selling Out Bigger Shows Bigger Crowds..
Still, I Don’t Know How,
My Fans Tell Me That They Miss Me..

Tjay Can You Drown?
Please Don’t Play Around..
Fu#king With Your Sound..
Put On For The Town..

Tryna Mix Pieces I Can’t Pronounce,
Pockets Larging Up Sh!t Man I Can’t Frown..
Thinking Lil’ Why You Do It For Me,
Know It’s Many Who See It Never Go Down..

Roaches, Project Walls,
Dad Broke, I Seen All..
Tryna Change My Life,
Damn Near Tried It All..

Know Some Want Me Dead,
Locked Up In The Feds..
I Strive For Better..

Those Just The Federal Walls,
I Seen That Before..
I’m So Gone On God,
I Don’t Cry No More..

Fake Sh!t Tear Me Down,
All The Way To My Core..
Play For The Second Time Run, No,
I Don’t Need That Hoe..

Tell ’em To Try It Again Them Nig#as They Thought ,
I Was Finished, Yeah..
Pullin’ Right Up In A Benz,
I Gotta Make Sure That They Hearing Me Yeah..

Tell Them I Don’t Need No Friends,
I’m Bring The Bottle With Me..
Got My Back I Don’t Need No Hand,
We Swerve On All Them Nig#as..

Have ’em Spray The Fan In Front Of My Fan,
I’m Having Em Bottle Switches..
I Ain’t Showing My Hand Part Of My Plan,
I’m Having’ All The Business..

And I Held On Two Days,
Just Shot Me Down..
I Seen That Before,
I Heard Gun Shots…
I’m Not Worried No More..

Roaches Project Walls Dad Broke I Seen All.
Tryna Change My Life Damn Near Tried It All.
Know Some Want Me Dead..
Locked Up In The Feds.
I Strive For Better..

End Of the Lyrics

Project Walls Lyrics Credits

Song TitleProject Walls
SingerLil Tjay Feat. NBA YoungBoy
MusicLil Tjay & NBA YoungBoy
LyricsLil Tjay & NBA YoungBoy
Release Date7th July, 2023
LanguageEnglish (Rock)
LabelLil Tjay
Project Walls Lyrics Credits

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