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Mandem Lyrics is written by Mandem Lyrics Video Song on Youtube . This song is from the Mandem Lyrics Video Song on Youtube album and produced by Mandem Lyrics Video Song on Youtube . Find the perfect lyrics of Mandem song in English and enjoy by singing along with Music Video Song on Youtube.

Mandem Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Mandem Lyrics Video Song on Youtube

Mandem Lyrics

Start of the Lyrics

[Intro: Diddy & Giggs]
Ayo, B, bring me some of that smoke
And bring both the jars
You know what I’m sayin’?
Make me one already rolled up (Yeah)
Yeah, you know what it is (Yeah)
SN1 (Come on)
You in the ends now (Yeah)
Yo, Giggs (We here)

[Verse 1: Giggs & Diddy]
I’m with the gang and it’s hazardous
Gang signs, .45s and big calibers (Yeah)
I’m in the restaurant, I got the lamb and asparagus (Yeah)
My hands on her backside, it feels fabulous (Yeah)
Yeah, I’m with this bitch but she’s talentless (Haha)
My eyes stuck on those titties, looks glamorous (Glamorous)
My sword swingin’, it’s as big as Excalibur like
Stop tryna kiss man in this camera light (Ooh-wee)
Standard proceedings, I stand with them G’s, that’s gangster fatiguе (Gang-gang, gang-gang, gang-gang)
My right hand man looks deceivin’ but, he might bitе your hands if you feed him (Ah)
What? She got a man but she teasin’
She tease me, she with the gang, she deceived him (She deceived him, yeah)
Easy, the little lamb’s gettin’ seasoned, he’s grievin’ ’cause all her mans got the seasonin’ (Keep goin’)

[Chorus: Giggs & Diddy]
Straight, it’s out my hands if you trouble it
My mandem’ll let it bang ’cause we govern it (We govern it)
Yeah, you swingin’ hands then we scufflin’
They sayin’, you loadin’ up, boy, you bufferin’ (Haha)
Yeah, quarter juice, just caught a boost (Boost)
My jacket’s drippy, it’s waterproof (Ah)
Look, what time is it? It’s quarter two
I’m with the big dawgs, I just caught a pooch (Keep goin’)

[Verse 2: Giggs & Diddy]
Yeah (Shh)
I never understand them, I hold my hands out and they disrespect my hands them (Yeah)
Even disrespect my mandem
And use man, they brought us ’round these fuckin’ randoms (Fuck these randoms)
Upheld it
Tough world but we leveled up
Yeah, upscaled it (Upscaled it)
Expelled them (Expelled them)
That yute’s kinda full bull shit and I smell it (Haha, come on, man)
My ex-girl she’s (Yeah), hittin’ me, I’m just gettin’ up (Why you callin’?)
Why? She couldn’t help it (Nah)
She’s too selfish
I’m replyin’ while I’m sittin’ up, tired and misspelled shit
Big helpings, Jodie Joe’s better knuckle up, why? ‘Cause this Melvin’s (This Melvin’s)
I’m Van Helsing, bloodsucker caught one in the back, bah, I just belched him (Ah)
You know them G’s been achievin’, believe that (You see it?)
We beatin’ him for treason (For treason)
Yeah, I’m eager to teach him
Fif’, man were boxin’ for teethin’ (Ha, haha)
Yeah, I know the jakes been policin’ you snitch niggas
It’s gettin’ peak if you peakin’
Yeah, you got the mop but we sweepin’ (Sweepin’)
(Yeah) I’m always grateful for Ethan (Thank you, [?])
We treat the man there quite fairly
Please, just stop starin’, their man they try scare me (You see it? Yeah), uh
Never got the picture, even though it was advertised clearly
Yeah, it’s hand picked ’cause I picked him, it’s Wooly Road Peckham, steppers from Brixton (Bah, bah, bah)
Pussy, you’re gonna jeopardize victims (Bah, bah, bah)
That make a nice system

[Outro: Diddy]
(Haha, ha)
Black king, gods
Black king, gods
Black king, gods
Ayo, Giggs, I see how you got it goin’ down, down here, man
You got the ends on lock
Yeah, you like me, longetivity, nigga
We ain’t here to play with y’all motherfuckers
We Black king, gods
Black king, gods
Purity at its finest
Yeah, Black king, gods
It it what it is
Yeah, take that
Move to the side, give this one to your bitch, take that too
(Yeah) Black king, gods

End of the Lyrics

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Opinion on Mandem Lyrics

The lyrics of “Mandem” by Giggs are characteristic of the rap and hip-hop genre, with themes revolving around street life, loyalty to one’s gang, and assertiveness in asserting dominance. The song portrays a sense of power and pride in the rapper’s background and accomplishments, using strong language and vivid imagery to express these ideas.

It’s essential to understand that rap lyrics often depict a fictional or exaggerated version of reality and may include explicit language and themes that may not be suitable for all audiences. Some elements of the lyrics, such as references to violence and guns, are common in this genre, but it’s essential to remember that music is an art form, and artists often use creative expression to tell stories and convey emotions.

While some listeners may appreciate the raw and authentic nature of such lyrics, others may find them offensive or inappropriate. It’s crucial to approach music with an open mind and consider the context and artistic intent behind the lyrics.

As with any form of art, the interpretation and appreciation of the song “Mandem” will vary among individuals, depending on their personal tastes, values, and cultural backgrounds. It’s always good to be mindful of the content we consume and its potential impact on ourselves and others.

Mandem Lyrics Credits

  • Film/Album – Zero Tolerance
  • Primary Artists – Giggs & Diddy
  • Release Date – August 3, 2023

FAQ on Mandem Lyrics

What is the name of the film or album that features the song “Mandem”?

The film or album that features the song “Mandem” is called “Zero Tolerance.”

Who are the primary artists behind the song “Mandem”?

The primary artists behind the song “Mandem” are Giggs and Diddy.

When was the song “Mandem” released?

The song “Mandem” was released on August 3, 2023.

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