दत्ताची आरती | Datta Aarti In Marathi & English

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Datta Aarti is a devotional song chanted in praise of Lord Dattatreya, a Hindu deity who is said to be a synthesis of the Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Datta Aarti is an integral element of many Hindu homes’ daily prayer regimen, and it is also often sung at temples and other places of worship.

दत्ताची आरती  Datta Aarti In Marathi & English

The Datta Aarti page delves into the origins, meaning, and importance of this religious song. It digs into Lord Dattatreya’s history and the different stories and tales surrounding him, as well as the symbolism and spiritual meaning of the song itself.

The page also includes a full discussion of Datta Aarti’s lyrics, as well as an English translation and explanation of the significance behind each stanza. It delves into the numerous ways the hymn may be sung, as well as the varied musical genres and arrangements that have been employed to sing it throughout the ages.

Moreover, the Datta Aarti page investigates the importance that this devotional song plays in the lives of Hindu devotees both in India and throughout the globe. It investigates how the hymn is used to convey devotion and thanks to Lord Dattatreya, as well as how it may be a potent instrument for spiritual development and change.

Overall, the page on Datta Aarti offers a thorough and insightful examination of this major devotional hymn, providing readers with a better knowledge of its origins, meaning, and importance in Hindu tradition. Whether you are a long-time devotee of Lord Dattatreya or just want to learn more about Hinduism’s vast and varied traditions, this article is guaranteed to be a helpful and fascinating resource.

Datta Aarti Video Song on Youtube

Datta Aarti In Marathi

त्रिगुणात्मक त्रैमूर्ती दत्त हा जाणा ।
त्रिगुणी अवतार त्रैलोक्य राणा ।
नेती नेती शब्द न ये अनुमाना ॥
सुरवर मुनिजन योगी समाधी न ये ध्याना ॥

जय देव जय देव जय श्री गुरुद्त्ता ।
आरती ओवाळिता हरली भवचिंता ॥

सबाह्य अभ्यंतरी तू एक द्त्त ।
अभाग्यासी कैची कळेल हि मात ॥
पराही परतली तेथे कैचा हेत ।
जन्ममरणाचाही पुरलासे अंत ॥

दत्त येऊनिया ऊभा ठाकला ।
भावे साष्टांगेसी प्रणिपात केला ॥
प्रसन्न होऊनि आशीर्वाद दिधला ।
जन्ममरणाचा फेरा चुकवीला ॥

दत्त दत्त ऐसें लागले ध्यान ।
हरपले मन झाले उन्मन ॥
मी तू पणाची झाली बोळवण ।
एका जनार्दनी श्रीदत्तध्यान ॥

Datta Aarti / Trigunatmak Trimurti Aarti

Trigunatmak traimurti dutt ha jana | Triguni avatar trailokyarana ||
Neti neti shabda na ye anumana | Survar munijan yogi Samadhi na ye dhyana || 1 ||
Jai dev jai dev jai shrigurudutta | Aarti ovalinta harali bhavachinta || Dhr.||

Sabahya abyantari tu ekdutt | Abhagyasi kaichi kalel hi maat |
Parahi paratali tethe kaicha het | Janmamaranacha Purlase anta || Jai. || 2 ||

Dutt yeoniya ubha thakla | Sashtange namuni pranipat kela |
Prasanna houni ashirwad didhala | Janmamaranacha fera chukvila || Jai. || 3 ||

Dutt dutt aise lagle dhyan | Harpale man jhale unman |
Mi tu panachi jhali bolvan | Eka janardani shri dutt dhyan || 4 ||
Jai dev jai dev jai ||

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